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Global march against Climate Engineering

We are marching on Downing Street again this Saturday. (2014)

Meet at Hyde Park at 12pm for speeches and discussion.

March at 1pm, to arrive at Downing Street at around 2.30

We have 2 sets of people going into Downing Street delivering several documents.

Why march

Many say that marching serves no purpose. We disagree entirely and feel it is very important for several reasons.

1. It gives those involved in this campaign to meet twice a year so as to bond, exchange information and generally vent in public, after spending countless hours sat at computers trying to spread information on the topic.

2. It reaches many other people who would not otherwise be aware of the topic. Having a public presence is crucial. Many people have now realised that any dissent online, especially on Fakebook, is now very tightly controlled, so we never really know if we are reaching people or not. If we get out there in the street we meet people and can show them this is real and we mean business.

3. There are rumours that lawyers are investigating ways to try to legalise Climate Engineering by means of showing that no public opposition has been lodged, and so effectively sneaking in via the back door. We have not further details and have not had the time to confirm if it is even true, but it is crucial to march and have a record of the fact that significant numbers of people have objected to both the current and proposed programs of Climate Engineering so as to prevent that happening.

4. We intend to hand in a dossier of evidence to No. 10 Downing Street. This will be a very important step as it will put our government in a very difficult position legally. They cannot then claim not to have seen any evidence of Climate Engineering. Our evidence is pretty conclusive and covers everything from the distribution network to the equipment used, airlines involved and pretty much every other aspect of the program, and includes some incontrovertible facts. Unlike previous attempts by others, we will not accept being ignored, and will demand answers to our question within weeks, and will not rest until we get them.

So, please come and join us. We have realised that sitting on Fakebook is achieving nothing, and will not change the world, so we must get out there and show the world that this is happening, and that we know and DO NOT CONSENT