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Land-hugging Induced Cumulus noticed from Int. Space Station

We would like to say that our article titled Induced Cumulus has inspired others to question what they see.

We can’t claim a direct link to this post by Tim Peake on the International Space Station, but we can rejoice in the fact that people are now questioning this phenomena and generally questioning what they see rather than just blindly believing what they are being told on the TV.



We were delighted to see this image recently, taken by Tim Peake from the ISS – International Space Station. It shows England covered in the Induced Cumulus clouds we reported on some time ago – another world-first for we hasten to ad. The comment accompanying the image is beautifully subtle but actually very telling.

Sometimes I wonder if the UK is hiding under cloud deliberately.

Oh Tim, you have no idea how right you are !

We wrote to the MET Office and reported our concerns about this strange new phenomena. It took them a long time to respond, as we describe in our previous article on the subject, as they probably had to bring in a creative director to try to fabricate something remotely believable, but when they eventually did respond it was gold. I mean a big, gleaming 1kg bar of 24 carat gold bullion, on a tray of deep plush purple velvet with flowers round it. Get this…

They claim that these new ‘clouds’ only form on land because it is warmer over land, and that they form in big lines because they are… Cloud Streets. Err sorry could you repeat that please… Cloud Streets. Oh yes of course silly us, Cloud Streets, that well-known weather phenomena that we all grew up with and which is mentioned regularly on the weather forecast and always has been. Laugh. Chair. Fall off. Etc

The images shown on the web page provided are examples of what are referred to as cloud streets. This phenomenon is well-documented in the scientific literature – a casual search of our own library catalogue for entries with “cloud street” as a keyword identifies 84 records, with the earliest going back to 1953. In the examples shown, cloud formation is confined to the land because the land is warmer than the surrounding sea. This additional warmth is sufficient to trigger cloud development as the air moves from the sea to the land and the clouds become organized in this linear form because this is the most efficient way to transfer heat and moisture from the surface into the atmosphere. In other circumstances, cloud street formation can be confined to water bodies – seas or lakes – and to be absent over the surrounding land. This occurs when the air is very cold, such as an airmass that originates in the Arctic, and is moving over an ocean or lake where the water surface is much warmer. Such cloud streets can, for example, be observed over the Great Lakes in winter.

Yours sincerely


Weather Desk Adviser (MET Office)


Come on guys, seriously? We are all busy and brainwashed as our government like us to be, but not completely retarded. Never have Cloud Streets ever been seen or mentioned on any weather forecast anywhere, ever, ad infinitum. Nature is not that precise, especially repeatedly. If The MET Office seriously expect us to believe that every day this new type of cloud forms and disappears at the coastline because of a natural phenomena then I think they are truly deluded and i think we finally have them scraping the very bottom of the barrel of excuses.

The simple fact of the matter is, as anyone who still has a modicum of cerebral processing power will realise that for this to happen some form of land-based phenomena must be at play. If it were natural that would imply that the air over land is considerably, uniformly and permanently warmer than just a few feet away out to sea. Clearly that is not possible unless God has secretly launched the new 4K version of nature, featuring the new super-accurate, micro-climate control with square-foot resolution.

Joking aside, it is well-known that the land warms and cools faster than the sea, so if this nonsense were true, we would see this phenomena early in the day, and the reverse in the evening. We don’t ! Ever ! All we see is these things appearing over land on most days and never at sea at all. It is also well-known that low clouds, especially Cumulus type clouds, form more readily at sea because of higher moisture levels and higher saturation of condensation nuclei from the salt spray. Despite this we only ever see this new type of cloud over land, and not just over land, it follows the shape of every land mass exactly. Err hello?

More detailed information and satellite image here.



These things just form and vanish exactly at every coastline. If the wind is blowing inland they form at the coastline and if the wind is blowing out to sea they simply disappear at exactly the same point irrespective of season, temperature, moisture levels, time of day or indeed any other variable. A natural cloud cannot just vanish into nothing in seconds, and when we see a constant flow of these things doing exactly that at every coastline everywhere then we really have conclusive evidence that these things are forming and disappearing as a result of something other than atmospheric conditions. What we think is happening is that the tiny plastic fibres that our air is saturated with every day now are being affected in some way by something, possibly EMF radiation. The idea is not new at all, as this page describes, and there are even companies that offer this as a salable technology, so have The MET Office or the military, which is essentially almost the same thing nowadays, started using this technology but forgotten to tell us? Quite possible when we consider that they released a document called An Introduction To Clouds in which they describe all the new types of clouds created by aircraft ’emissionsbut forgot to tell us that they were made by aircraft. That’s quite a serious omission don’t you think and brings into question pretty much everything they say? They claim to be scientists, but they are clearly and provably lying to us.

Oh dear. They really are in serious trouble with this one. We are so onto them and it is only a matter of time before we figure out exactly what is going on with these new fuzzy, fake clouds that only form over land and block our sunshine nearly every day. That said we think we know but we just can’t quite prove it yet.


Cell Towers ?

In the mean time we encourage our readers to think about the fact that Britain now has a network of very high-power broadcast towers that are spread evenly across the country. The generators that power these new towers are huge, way bigger than the standard boxes we see at mobile phone mast locations. Also most of them are rated at 25W and more, whereas the new 4G system works on a network of just 4W, as told to us by one of their installation engineers not long ago. These new towers are far too powerful for simple phone communications stations or TV, so what are they and what are they doing?

Snitterfield Tower

Ofcom say they have no information on them

We have tried to get some information about them from Ofcom but they claim, incredibly, that they don’t hold any information. We asked for a nationwide map detailing the locations of ALL towers and their purpose but none exists they claim. We said but surely you have to be informed when a communications company puts one up and even more incredibly they claim they don’t. They have a page called Sitefinder – image below – but it entirely voluntary they say. We then asked Ofcom who the operators of these new type of towers do need to ask permission from to put a tower up and they said they were not at liberty to tell me. Err, what? Why not? “No comment” came the response.

If we look at the image below though, it clearly states a maximum licensed power rating for each operator on each tower, which means they do need to be registered or licensed and they do need to ask permission, but from whom?


Ofcom Sitefinder-2

We then asked why the site-finder map that has the locations of all these towers does not display them unless you zoom right in to an area of just a mile or so. They replied that’s just the way it works, because otherwise it would display too much information. Oh dear wouldn’t that be terrible, and anyway that’s probably a lie. Most maps function with information derived from the Google-maps system, which can display multiple locations however zoomed in or out you happen to be. We know, we have one on this site that we are populating right now. So we have no way of seeing the locations of all the towers that have been erected across the UK unless we go in and log each one individually and enter them onto our own map, which is exactly what we are doing, but its an arduous task and will take time. I guess it will be interesting if we find that a particular type of antenna are arranged in lines across the country haha.

All very suspicious and intriguing  and something we will be pursuing obviously. Please report back if you can shed any light on this.

Slowly slowly catchy monkey as always.

We will be updating this article very soon when we have more information.


Please help

Please buy yourselves a Brinno Time Lapse camera and film this process at the coastline on any given day. You will see them form and disappear right before your very eyes.

Now That’s Magic !


Further information:

Visit the Ofcom Sitefinder page here

You can see daily images of cloud cover over the UK on the NASA Wordlview website.