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Grand Unifying Theory<>What SRM is really for

So we have over the past 4 years published a myriad of articles dealing with various aspects of Atmospheric Aerosol Spraying programs being covertly executed in UK airspace. We have also tried in our various pages to cross reference stuff, albeit briefly, so as to remind people of relevant points from other articles and to ensure the broadest knowledge to those who choose only to read a small mount of information. The website is big, and the topic somewhat complex, but the basic message is very simple indeed. Global corporations have bought all the airlines, modified them to spray stuff into the sky during flight, and are now doing so. It is affecting the our weather and our health in a number of way, none of which can be considered positive.

For someone new to this topic all this information about something they might previous not have even heard of can be overwhelming and we are fully aware that this website is not an easy read, an easy browse or that the information contained in it is easy to accept, far from it. For that reason we have produced this article to try to summarise the entire situation here as briefly as possible.

Global Warming was invented by the Club of Rome back in the 1970s.

The Club of Rome are a collective of very very rich Globalists (Marxists) who would like to implement a global government, so as to be in control of pretty much everything and everyone. If they ask us, we will say no of course as we like being different and we like being free, so they had to think of a way to make us agree to it without realising we were agreeing to it. Same old… Globalism is a creature of habit. Once you understand it, you see it everywhere.