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Engineering the climate

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This website is he UK’s leading platform that deals with the truths behind both the proposed and the current Climate Engineering (aka geo-engineering) programs.

There is much debate and speculation as to what exactly is going on in the Climate Engineering world. There are essentially 2 schools of thought; those that subscribe to the official line that Climate Engineering is simply a proposed program that is as yet not universally operational. This is of course the official narrative and what ‘they’ want you to believe. That said certain sources claim that trials have already begun, but no clarification as to where these trials are occurring seems to be available, which would suggest these claims to be suspicious at best. The other school of thought is that of the chemtrail activists, who claim (rightly so) that the ‘proposed’ program of weather manipulation is actually in full swing and has been for many years. All the visual evidence seems to confirm the latter,

Generally speaking there are 2 routes into the subject. People either look up at the sky and see strange clouds made by planes and then proceed to investigate online to try to find answers, or others read about the proposed programs being discussed by the likes Professor David Keith and believe it is still fantasy but might be being considered – which is, of course, exactly what they want you to think.

David Keith, often referred to as the Climate Engineering Tsar, has been trotting around the globe for the last 10 years holding talks to try to convince the world that tinkering, as he so flippantly describes it, with the climate is the best way to save us from the climate Armageddon they are so keen for us to believe in.