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From wing to cloud

A simple page with a simple theme. Here we watch as a plane flies over and sprays 2 difference substances from each pair of engines on each side. We can clearly see the left and right trails evolve completely differently. One pair of trails turn into white spikey lines that fade into circular puffs and eventually disappear, while the other pair quickly start to spread into tiny spreading cloudlets. These cloudlets will eventually spread into an entire cloud bank that can cover huge distances. Water vapour simply cannot do that. No substance can expand in volume unless it reacts with or combines with another substance. Think about this scenario; if the MET Office’s claims that all trails were water vapour and that persistent trails can forma and expand exponentially in temperatures as high as +20 Celsius, then why do we not see huge trails forming from every kettle in the land.

Seriously, their explanations (excuses) are laughable.

Below we have images and a short film. Enjoy.

There is a limit to how many times a person can use the phrase “oh, it’s probably just…” before they can reasonably be classified as being in complete denial.

Think about that !