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Flight Tracking

This pagel deals with the tracking of planes around the world via websites such as We refer to it from hereon as FR24. There is no serious content here yet as we simply have not had time to organise it all and upload it.

FR24 and other similar websites, allow people to track the path of an aircraft in real-time, and also give other information about the flight, such as altitude, speed, destination and departure and arrival times. This website particularly has been an invaluable tool for uncovering some very important information for the Look-Up team. After several moths of intense scrutiny we feel we are close to unravelling the entire network of airlines involved, where they operate from, where the chemicals come from, how they distribute the chemicals, how the run ghost flights with no passengers on just so they can spray the skies, where the ghost planes come from and how the authorities have tried, unsuccessfully, to cover their tracks, change tactics, mask flight paths, broadcast false transponder information and we think we have even uncovered proof of military hypersonic craft used to disguise and mask true flight paths of planes involved in the distribution network… yes we have it all. We don’t know of anyone else who has been doing this kind of research. We will discuss the more advanced stuff, including he hypersonic craft, in the Rabbit Hole soon.

Below is a taster of what is to come. Flybe are the UK’s most prolific sprayer. So much so that we are currently initiating legal action against them individually. We have amassed a lot of evidence to link them with the corporate structure of this organisation. The were given millions of pounds to fund expansion several years ago, and have been ‘helped’ in many ways to become the worst polluter of our skies. They regularly fly sorties with no passengers, displaying false flight data, they fly back and forth switching transponders off as they turn and then reappear again. This goes on all day every day and they can be seen dominating our skies, despite having very limited numbers of scheduled flight. The other glaringly obvious thing we have noticed… how does a propeller plane create a thick contrail? And at 24,000 ft? The arrogance of the perpetrators knows no bounds and it seems they are almost beyond caring now.

We fully  encourage you to learn from these images and try to look yourselves. Statistics relies on analysis. Analysis of such a massive scenario takes a HUGE amount of hours, but if those hours can be spread across lots of people to make light work, so please join I the fight. Watch their every move, scrutinise their every take off and landing, track individual planes across the globe to see where they g and when. If ne person can reveal everything you see here (and trust us there is a LOT more) then imagine what we can do collectively.

We are planning a coordinated campaign to watch the skies, both physically and electronically soon. Our priority so far has been to get this website up and running first though.

We plan to write a very detailed page on FR24 specifically. We firmly believe the company have been forced to change the way they operate due to information released by us over the last few months revealing damning evidence of this program, and we want to give a kind of diary of how the game of cat and mouse has played out. Despite the authorities best efforts though, we would like to assure everyone that we still know exactly what is going on. They can’t hide.

The images below are of a flight path that has clearly been manipulated. We see this often. On playback the path seems complete, but what has actually ahapened is the plane has switched off, diverted and then switched on again having returned to the approximate location where it diverted from.

The problem is that approximate is not good enough, as FR24 is accurate to within a few metres, so the system shows a broken path. How the path is then altered is still a mystery. We have spoke to one of the main guys at FR24, and he denies that the system has been changed in any significant way, or influenced by any external sources, but at the same time is both unable and unwilling to give any explanation for some of the strange things we see. The only thing we can think of that would result in such a path being displayed is the intervention of someone at the source of the data transmission (at FR24) or a second aircraft actually performing the loop, so as to try and conceal the broken path.

We have sent a link to this article to the management of FR24 to see if they will comment further and try and explain this anomaly.

This is one bit of research you can all do anytime you have spare time. As you get used to what you see, you will notice patterns and understand more and more the information we give, so that you too can become part of the observation network.


In August of this year Look Up wrote the CAA and threatened legal action against them and the Secretary of State for Defence for allowing dozens of ‘unmarked’ jets to fly in repeated patterns over UK airspace with their ADB-S switched off. As soon as we became aware of this issue we examined the CAA Directions and discovered that this was illegal. The Secretary of State for Defence, The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, must by law approve all military or government flights over populated areas in writing to the CAA 90 days prior to departure. If a plane is flying with no transponder on, we suspect it must be operating illegally or be classed as a government flight, and so be subject to this rule. We have no proof that he was not approving these flights but considering that we counted over 250 planes in one single Saturday that passed over London and had their transponders off, and in view of the sudden and drastic change, we suspect he was not authorising each and every flight personally. A week or two later they completely disappeared. Sadly, rather than cure the problem we simply forced them to change tactics. Most of the small airlines we now see flying across our skies daily have been either created or commandeered for chemtrailing purposes. Flybe is the most prolific of these. We have been studying them and their history and will be publishing some damning evidence very soon on their company and it’s dubious operations. The good thing about this is that anyone can now take legal action against any of these airlines for all sorts of reasons. We have a mountain of evidence to provide, and indeed are preparing several cases as we type.

Since this article was first published, we have no seen the return of the unmarked jets trailing our skies. We have not managed to launch the legal case we had hoped yet due to legal complexities, and lawyers with very small testicles that can’t get their heads round what exactly is going on but we are persisting with new legal firms.

Fortunately the transponder system that most planes use now transmits freely available information which is monitored by enthusiast websites such as In the early days of doing this we caught some stunningly incriminating images such as the one below that clearly show one of the major supply routes of the chemicals into European hub airports. We will be expanding on this and sharing all the information we have on the entire network soon in an article called The Chemical Web.

DfT CAA Directions

The Look-Up Team