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Fakebook has suspended our account and page on a technicality. Obviously our information was too much for themThis is our Fakebook Page were we did publish articles and news, as well as share lots of great information from other sources around the world. Sadly Fakebook now restricts our posts to just 7% of our audience or even less on important posts, and more recently suspended our account on a technicality about the name. Obviously were publishing things that some people didn’t like.

We currently have 8500+ followers. When you reach the page please ensure you select All Notifications as your preference. We don’t post too much, and if you don’t choose All Notifications, you might not see anything at all.



For all its faults Facebook is a really great place to find other members who are aware of this issue. The primary terms that most of the members and pages use are:

Climate Engineering / Geoengineering / Weather Modification

On our own Facebook page you will find links to many people involved in this movement.