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David Keith – Climate Engineering Tsar or Corporate Pawn

This page is still being drafted, but we have published in note form


The basic premise for pumping aerosols into the stratosphere is to reflect sunlight

Al nano particles too scary sounding for public consumption

Litte research it seems has been done. Confidence in any of the techniques at  CEC14 extremely low among scientists.

Debate and consultation is being held almost in private in short meetings that are poorly advertised and stifle substantial Q&A, which considering the magnitude of what is being proposed and the potential not only for abuse, but for unforeseen negative consequences is criminal, and a clear indication that there is a clear attempt to slip this in unnoticed. We also have heard rumours at CEC14 that international lawyers are laying the ground for public approval to be considered as gained, simply by the fact that the public have not objected to it. This is a clear attack on the principles of law and democracy as a whole we think, and sets a very dangerous precedent.

How can something be declared legal, simply because we have not objected to it, especially in view of the fact that we have not been informed. We addressed this very clearly in the summing up n the last night of the CEC14 closing session.

“Does the panel believe the public has the ability to make an informed decision on atmospheric aerosol injection, and if they do do they believe that it should not be introduced until wide public debate and public approval with measured means (alluding to a referendum).

Interestingly only one panellist answered the question. He raised the point that the definition of informed was the crucial point, but yes he agreed that they did. We explain more on this in the notes from CEC14, but the relevant point here is the attempt to portray the issue as having been debated widely, and approved by the public is a clear strategy of the people behind climate engineering, and we must be very mindful not to allow that to happen. One way is to very publicly demontrate and record the demonstration on film or stills, so we have a clear record of people objecting.

So back to David Keith…

The sudden and inexplicable change from Aluminium nano-particles to Sulphiric Acid

Sulphuric Acid is the latest suggestion of Professor David Keith, often referred to as the Climate Engineering Tsar. He used to suggest Aluminium nano particles were the best thing for , but late last year we attended a pair of 1 hour lectures in late in 2013, in which he had suddenly changed his mind, and now advocates Sulphuric Acid.

We think this encapsulates the entire situation perfectly. One man, doing the rounds in a series of poorly advertised lectures to try and convince society as a whole of an idea that could potentially have disastrous effects on our world. If the people behind this program think that constitutes public debate, then they are sorely mistaken and have seriously underestimated the British people.

You can see these in our lectures section. Here is the one with David Keith and Oliver Morten at UCL


David Keith IASS and the Climate Emergency

It is worth noting that David Keith has supposedly been bankrolled by Bill Gates to the tune of $6 million for his latest round of talks to try to convince the world to allow them to spray the upper atmosphere with Sulphuric Acid.

The only reason these people have to do such a dangerous and risky thing is to protect us from the impending Climate Armageddon that is (supposed to be) looming large as a result of global warming.That said global warming isn’t happeing, even by admission of the IPCC, so they named it climate change. If then accept that our climate is changing as a result of the current climate engineering programs, then we start to understand that there must be another agenda at work behind this façade. The IASS, who held the CEC14 event are sponsored by the Club Of Rome, among assorted other globalist organisations. There was also much talk of governance in David Keith’s talks, as well as during the CEC14 plenary sessions, so it seems quite obvious that this entire scenario is being used to steer us towards what many describe as global governance.

The people behind the current and proposed programs of climate change are essentially globalist corporations. They are deliberately engineering the global climate crisis that we are being force-fed, so as to introduce a state of emergency. From this they will claim they need to introduce climate engineering to save us, but to do that they must first be able to govern that program effectively, so a form of global governance is needed. Read more about this in our latest article The Grand Unifying Theory


That is actually quite a crucial thing to be aware of because if we then consider that no warming has taken place for 20 years or so, and we also take into account that chemtrailing, possibly with some assistance from HAARP, is causing all the rain and exacerbating the storms we see, then we are left with a just a bunch of rich people, who are all interconnected to major corps and governments, who want to spray dangerous substances into our air, who don’t know the consequences of such actions, and for reasons that are basically unfounded. So that is the current reality in a nutshell really and what this website deals with. We try to focus just on commercial planes and what they are spraying, so as to keep things simple, but obviously exposing the Global Warming Hoax is also important, because it gives them a reason to continue to do this.