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COP21 – Paris 2015

We hope to attend this event in December 2015. Unlike the Climate Engineering scientific conferences we attend, our presence at this event will be more of an information distribution exercise than an information gathering exercise. We attend the scientific events so as to learn, challenge and discuss the topic with scientists, so as to compile a record of what they are saying and doing. The COP21 event is all about global politics.

The ruse

Our position is, as always, very clear. We believe we are being lied to by a small clique of the political-commercial and corporate-backed scientific community. They are trying to bully the world into accepting Climate Change. They are trying to bully the world into accepting the perception of an impending climate catastrophe. They will soon try to bully the world into accepting a state of climate emergency on the back of all the hysterical ad unfounded reporting in the complicit media. Once they have forced us to accept the perceived state of emergency they will announce that they will start, or have already started, spraying our skies with chemicals to protect us from said perceived emergency. It’s all very simple and pretty obvious if you listen carefully, but most people don’t, which is why we do the listening and thinking for you. All you need to do is understand the bitter reality, warn others, and make sure you are not fooled into agreeing to any of this nonsense.

Sadly the reality is that there are still many thousands of people out there who truly believe in the climate catastrophe scenario, despite the majority of the worlds genuine scientists casting serious doubt on the whole thing, and increasing numbers actually coming out and stating categorically that they feel the entire debate is a politically and financially motivated scam. See this article for clear evidence of that.

For this reason it is imperative that we attend these events and try to make all these gullible people realise what is actually really unfolding in the hope they will stop supporting the minority of corrupted political and scientific elite that are spearheading what can only be described as an attempt at international-level climate subterfuge in an attempt to allow private global corporations to take control of our weather and introduce a system of global governance for this system, which we feel may act as a proto-world government. That’s the situation in a nutshell as we now understand it.

We will expand on this page nearer to the event with more detailed plans of what we intend to do there.

Visit the official COP21 website here.