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What Are They Spraying And Why ?

This page is still under development and awaiting some further images but is in readable format


 If you are in a hurry skip to the Black Trails at the end – that section really is the silver bullet of the entire website and campaign as a whole, as it is absolutely conclusive proof that this is happening.

This page deals with the current understanding of what is being sprayed and why.

As we acknowledge in other pages of our website there are 3 basic types of trails left by aircraft over Europe. Persistent, haze and black (smoke). The persistent ones are sprayed from Airbus planes via the 3-pipe aerosol delivery systems that we exposed. The haze seems to be sprayed mostly by Boeings from a single pipe, which makes sense as it is simple stuff and does not rely on the presence of other chemicals as far as we are aware.

So let’s look at the assorted types of trails and what they are for:




Photo time-lapse from north Wales. This shows how just a few aircraft can fill an entire sky with spreading trails, which can eventually, in just a few hours, form a blanket of thin cloud over an entire sky.


These trails are primarily to create cloud cover. We think they may contain heavy metals in some form or other, the most widely accepted of which is Barium. There is no direct proof of this as yet, as nobody has been able to do a direct sample from a trail left by a plane. The only evidence we have is circumstantial and even that is not too strong sadly. There is a lot of speculation online based on a number of tests carried out around the world. commissioned its own laboratory tests. The results were interesting, but not conclusive. We found raised levels of Barium in many of the random samples, but were not able to discount other sources sufficiently well to be able to claim an overall conclusive result.

If Barium is being used, we are also not even sure what from it is being used in. Some forms of Barium are inert, and hence harmless, but some are harmful. The only clue we have is something called Aerotoxic Syndrome, which is becoming a very commonly reported condition in regular and long-haul flyers. We discuss this in more detail in an articled titled Aerotoxic Syndrome on this site.

Prof. David Keith recently declared suddenly that Sulphuric Acid was the most effective thing for deflecting sunlight away from earth in a recent lecture we attended. This is contrary to Aluminium nano-particles which were the main contender not that long ago, as can be seen in this clip.


Persistent trails form what we call bobbly cloud, which we see on a daily basis almost everywhere. In in extreme humidity it can result in in globular cloud formations. The MET Office recently invented the name Mammatus cloud to try to fool the less astute member of society into thinking this cloud was a natural phenomenon. Thankfully anyone can check old encyclopaedias and realise very quickly that these formation, aside looking really quite freaky and unnatural, did not exists 10-15years ago.

The following 3 types of cloud formations have been invented in the last 10 years. We know these unusual formation to be the result of current Climate Engineering, and believe these 3 to be the result of the persistent trails.

There are several variations of the persistent trails in terms of appearance when sprayed and their behaviour in the atmosphere.

Nacreous  – seem to be the residual clouds from heavy spraying of persistent trails. They are normally seen in the evening, following a saturated sky or white out as it is now referred to by most people.. Due to the angle of the sun they often create colourful patterns at sunset. Very beautiful, but also unsettling obviously.

Uncinus  –  We have witnessed these form directly from trails from planes, as the 3 part trails spread out, so we can say definitively that they are sprayed from those planes. These strange arrow like formations are formed from just one of the 3 parts of the trail. We have seen them separate from the rest of the trail very slowly as the trail drifts across the sky. We have time lapse images of this happening and will try and find them as soon as e can to accompany this article.

Mammatus – Once again these are particular to one substance sprayed from the 3-part trails. The other 2 parts of the trail may go on to form Uncinus or other formations, but Mammatus can be clearly seen immediately forming as small spherical formations that gradually enlarge and eventually form what looks like cotton wool clouds as we named them.




Trillions of tiny fibres, almost invisible to the naked eye… that is until you actually look for them. When you do then you see them everywhere all the time. They are now a major component of house dust, and can be seen on your laptops around the keys or on any dark flat surface. If you watch this video below you see our air is now saturated with these things, even at night since night flights started to spray as well just over a year ago. It used to be the case that night time was the only time when our air seemed completely clean and fresh.


This is a quote from 2011 from someone on a forum. We have no idea who this is if he eventually pursued the issue:

I am in the South East of England. On Thursday 12th May, I was watching the skies with the effects that I have heard described several times here.

I am not an expert on this, I just am going on intuition, but something seems wrong with these trails.

They do seem to come from “white” planes, but I am going to look more closely next time – they could be commercial, but maybe they aren’t.

The trails definitely are in patterns, but as Fred says this could be due to planes flying in parallel paths.

The trails turn into “mist” that sinks, that is for sure. And over a period of time, these do turn into a haze that covers the whole blue sky.

I hope there is a natural explanation for this. I suspect there is an explanation that is less natural.

One last thing I would say is that I have noticed that after dry spells of weather, if there is heavy rain, you see a white residue on the roads. Again, this is a new phenomenon to me and looks very strange. It is almost like there is a chemical that is manifesting in the rain and is almost like a detergent with white bubbles.

This is an interesting debate for sure. I am watching it develop with interest and will feed any further information I find into it.”


The person that wrote this clearly had no idea about what he was describing, and neither did we at that time, only having become aware of this in April 2013.

We think the fibres get sprayed from Boeing 737/777 panes, float around and we then breathe then in.  They are ubiquitous on any spray day, which in the last year has been every day. They collect in our throats.

There is scant evidence on exactly what they are or their purpose. They do not seem to fit with any observable effect on our weather apart from making the air very hazy and contributing to the smogs we have experienced, but we do know from basic laboratory tests that these things are polymer nano-fibres. We can only speculate as to what this is about, suffice to say the air we now breathe is saturated with these things every single day now.

There is also a rather disturbing link to a condition called irritable throat syndrome. The terms was first coined by the Daily Mail Health columnist, Dr Scurr in an article that described the possible causes of the symptoms now experienced by many people of relentless itchy, hairy throats.


Irritable Throat Syndrome

In this article seemingly plausible explanations are given to these symptoms, but none of them seem to really add up. We spoke to several GPs and they had not even heard of the condition, and rubbished the article. We have also spoken to an ENT consultant who agreed that increasing amounts of people are reporting these symptoms and that there seemed no viable explanation for most cases. We informed this person about our research and are waiting to hear back from him.


So these fibres collect in your throats and form what can only be described as blobs. Coagulations. We have no idea what they are doing there, but then that seems almost unimportant next to the fact that they are event there at all. You can remove them by gently gargling with red wine or pure red grape juice repeatedly. The more you do the more of this stuff just falls out of your mouth. It is truly shocking and horrid, but we recommend you do this at least once so as to confirm to yourself that this website deals with reality and things we can prove, not just theory and speculation. This is real, so go prove it to yourself.

The following 3 atmospheric conditions are, we are pretty sure from repeated observations, caused by the saturation of our air with these fbres. Thee is a chance that the first 2 are the result of a combination of both the fibres and persistent trails, but certainly not just persistent.


 Halo and Parhelion

We were attacked when we suggested the MET Office had invented the names for this new phenomena. We obviously did not suggest they had invented the word Halo or Parhelion, but that they had applied those existing words to previously unknown atmospheric phenomena, in the hope of convincing the less astute in society that these strange conditions had always existed.

I am 46, and I have never seen a Halo round the sun, except in the last 2 years. I have never seen a sky with 3 suns. I also have never experience prolonged smogs, low visibility over huge areas across the UK. We wrote an article about this recently where we explore it in slightly more depth. We questioned the MET Office about this as detailed in a recent blog-post and related article and they were completely unable to explain it. Even the (not scientifically qualified) helpline person who took the call seemed confused when we pointed out that this is now ubiquitous and a daily occurrence.

The following is a gallery of images taken in the last few weeks that show what we describe here. The first 3 images are of clouds on days when the spraying is heavy, which seems to be increasingly the case now. The rest are of shots across land, showing the fact that visibility is often reduced to just a few miles nowadays as a result of the milky haze we from this stuff.

This is seen far inland so cannot be attributed to see mist or any other such excuse. We also see it on any day irrespective of wind direct or velocity, so again we cannot accept that this is the result of industrial or traffic pollution from cities.


Black trails


We thought these were a relatively new phenomenon, but it seems from reports by scientists at the Climate Engineering Conference 2014 (CEC-14) that this behaviour has been seen all over the world for at least 4-5 years now, and possibly longer.

We had a conversation recently with one of the chief engineers at Rolls Royce Aviation. He confirmed that their engines are now so incredibly efficient, ironically as a result of stringent EU regulations, that emissions are extremely low, partly due to the high efficiency of the engines.

{audio recording – Rolls Royce }


Why is this short film so very important ?

Black trails really are the smoking gun of the sky. There is simply no room for manoeuvre even for the most imaginative and stubborn sceptic, so in some senses they are a gift. They allow us to point and say “see, that can’t be natural”, so please use the smokers video to shake a finger at those who just can’t, or won’t accept all the other evidence. We have shown this to some who previously dismissed our theories, and they were speechless, and promptly apologised. We also showed this to some of the scientists at CEC-14, and were very happy to hear positive feedback from some stating they had seen this and wondered what on earth it was. Well now we have this on film, with 18,000 views and hundreds of downloads this film is the silver bullet.

What ?

So what are they? Well as we mentioned there are 2 types: Thin black, and thick, expanding black plumes (Smokers). At the time of the filming we wondered if the huge plume and particularly the ‘smoke ring’ effect, were an indication of some form of advanced propulsion system. This would have been very convenient for us as it would help resolve a serious discrepancy in out theory about the global distribution network, but we have since discounted this hypothesis. More on the distribution network in our article The Perpetrators.

Since then, however, we have moved on and now do not feel that these are different substances to each-other, or that new specific systems have been installed just to spray black trails, but rather that diesel is being sprayed through the systems designed for the persistent trails. We strongly suspect that the lower pipe on these systems is a pulse release system, which is what produces the bracelet effect in the 3-part trails (and the resulting Mammatus Clouds) so this might explain the smoke rings seen in the thick smoker plumes. This would suggest then that the thin trails, seen on scheduled passenger flights only, might only be using the lower pipes, so not producing such a visible effect. This is just conjecture obviously, but it fits with our current understanding of the technologies we think are used in these systems. Both types are produced by Airbus planes, so the systems are, we assume, the same, so this seems the most plausible explanation at the moment.



More recently, however we have come up with a new theory. We have seen heavy smogs in China now for several years. Images of these thick smogs have been broadcast across the globe and we have been warned of the likely increasing prevalence of smog in the UK, and indeed had some record-breaking smogs that seemed to blanket the entire UK earlier this year. The media ran headlines about the return of the great smogs (from the industrial era), but those smogs, even at their worst, were very localised as anyone old enough would remember. They were also as a result of very dense areas of polluting industry, which simply does not exist any-more in the UK. Furthermore when we challenged some of the papers to explain these smogs more scientifically, not only did they ignore us, but we suddenly saw massively exaggerated stories about diesel being the cause. Now forgive me for being cynical, but diesel cars, and even lorries, are incredibly efficient now and produce very little particulate emissions compared to older engines, hence the low emissions zones in cities. Add to this that there is virtually no polluting industry left in the UK and we have a problem. The story just does not add up. We are being lied to !

Then we went to Berlin and were relentlessly force-fed the idea of Climate Emergency by the organisers of the event… soon afterwards the penny suddenly dropped. Smoke = CO2. CO2 is now being reported as having reached 400 ppm. Well surprise, surprise folks, if we fly around in repeated patterns burning diesel in the atmosphere, then of course we are going to get raised CO2. Hello?

We have expanded on this in other articles, suffice to say we now have a pretty clear understanding of exactly what is going on. Most of the Climate Engineering we see now in our skies (with the exception of the haze/fibres), is designed to introduce conditions consistent with a climate emergency. Boom ! The rest will become painfully clear as you listen to the media bleating on about saving us from this climate emergency, and all the terribly things they will have to do as a result.

Are we there yet ?


smoker 2

Thick black smoke from a modern jet engine is totally impossible ! Thai Airways and Condor – Frankfurt to the far east.

We realise this probably all sound incredible, especially if you have only just arrived here from a leaflet we gave you on the a street, but then when we look at these images we realise that almost anything is possible now, once we accept that stuff is definitely being spraying into the exhaust of the engines. We think the images reflect pretty much how the fuel would react if pumped into a hot air plume at 900+ Celsius.  We also had a thought that diesel burnt under high pressure, as in an internal combustion engine, would likely produce slightly different results, in terms of particulate shape/size/properties/chemical signature etc, as diesel sprayed into a hot gas, so there may well be a way of proving this if it continues.