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Climate march 2014

We went, we distributed, we enlightened.

5,500 leaflets given out. Very few left on the floor, and very few people were dismissive, with loads of people stopping and talking to us, and many reporting they knew about the trails as well. Absolutely amazing success, and one we are very proud of. We would like to send a huge thank you to all the people that helped us distribute including people we met there and just joined in because they thought it such an important issue.

We have felt the need to clarify some concerns that a few raised. One summarised them by asking if were anti-green then and anti climate change, so we had to clarify our position.

The editor of this website is a sound recordist by trade and has no links to the oil industry. Has always voted Green Party, uses green products, recycles and uses biodiesel when available. It is our position that renewable and clean technology is the way forward, and we feel they could already have been implemented to a much larger extent if investment had materialised. We believe fully in re-cycling, minimum environmental impact of industry, and indeed all the other things that people on this march are committed to so we are really on the same page in terms of the environment.

Where we diverge in belief to most at this event is that we now question the media promoted interpretation of Global Warming and Climate Change. This is a relatively recent thing, and comes only as a result of our research into Climate Engineering, listening very carefully and reading between the lines of many lectures we have attended by those on both sides of the climate debate.

Global Warming is not real. This is a simple one because the world has not warmed for 18 years, something even the IPCC had to reluctantly admit, despite CO2 levels having risen drastically, so we can conclude not only that warming is no occurring, but that CO2 is not actually linked to warming at all, despite being fostered as public enemy No 1 by our media.

The NIPCC is a great place to find the real science on our climate and environment, and gives a much more balanced view of what is really going on.

We now believe wholeheartedly that the entire movement, now re-branded Climate Change is a politically and financially motivated movement. Firstly the world’s climate is constantly fluctuating all the time, and has done for ever. Secondly, if we accept that planes have been altering our weather for many years now, then we can reasonably claim that if there is any change, or unusual weather patterns, then it is likely as a result of the current Climate Engineering programs implemented by those planes, and not some global fossil fuel catastrophe that the press would have us believe. CO2 levels are being forced by the deliberate introduction of huge amounts of smoke from planes all over the worlds as can be clearly seen in our smokers video. We discuss our doubts and interpretation of the impeding climate emergency in our recent article:

Climate Emergency – The Real Reasons We Need To Be Scared Of It

We are actually fighting so hard on this topic because we care deeply about the environment, and we feel the current Climate Engineering programs may be harmful in some way. There is nothing more fundamental to our lives than sunshine and clean air. Even if what is being sprayed in harmless, it is absolutely unacceptable to allow this to happen, especially as we question the underlying motives are to protect us, but are actually more likely about weather control, power and profit. Nothing new there then we hear you think.

The following week we held out own march from Speakers Corner to Downing Street. Much fewer people, but the importance of doing it was monumental. We do not consent to climate engineering and have voiced our objection to it publicly. It cannot be claimed now that nobody objected.