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Cheap flights give the game away

When we get good deals, especially if it means we can escape our dreary and busy lives for a while, we don’t tend to question why. It’s human nature to want to benefit from things, especially nice things and why should we think about it; it’s not our problem and hey we work hard so we deserve a little  break.

So, please allow us to do the thinking for you. When was the last time you saw a long-distance train fare advertised for £4.99? Err… probably never we suspect but feel free to correct us. So how is it then that an industry that is ar more expensive to operate than the train system is able to operate on such an insanely nonsensical pricing policy?

Ryan Air are offering fares to European destination from just £4.99. So what you may think, but if you consider how they can do this and remain profitable you start to realise this is not good business sense at all. If you then begin to consider it in the context of Climate Engineering then it become even more suspicious. We wrote some time ago about how the airline industry had been deliberately maneuvered in a situation whereby it was being operated in the least efficient way possible. The figures probably don’t add up either. How can an airline, a vastly expensive operation to run, possibly make a profit when operating a low-up pricing policy and by that we mean the first batch sold at next to nothing with escalating prices as the seats fill up.

Nonsensical business model encourages high volume of flights

The low-up pricing policy adopted by many airlines seems to serve only one purpose, to allow the highest frequency of flights and results in the fewest number passengers on each flight. This ensures as many flights as possible remain in the air and also that they fly at all hours. Most people will check flight availability and pricing and if the price of the tickets has gone up from the lowest fare on the flight they prefer, most people will naturally move to the previous or later flight to get the cheaper fare. You get the idea. This is not a sound business model and exposes the fact that profits are not the primary consideration here. In fact it is a very deliberate policy to increase flight numbers and has the consequence of reducing profits, possibly even to the point of making the airlines run at a loss. Though the airline publish accounts showing profits we wonder if they take into account the subsidies given to them?


The UK aviation industry is granted around £10billion a year in subsidies by the UK government in the form of tax exemptions from VAT on ticket sales and fuel. This makes no sense at all when we are supposed under threat from CO2. We are bombarded with endless fear mongering about how the atmosphere is warming and that we are all going to burn and die if we don’t reduce our emissions. Err… so what about aviation? The largest single global source of CO2 with an equivalent output to the 6th worst polluting country in the world. The Paris COP21 agreement very quietly removed aviation from the agreement at the last moment allowing the airlines to continue to fill our skies with planes, CO2 and assorted other pollutants that have now joined the ranks of public enemy problems facing us.

Toxic smogs

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan refuses to mention aviation at all in any of his diatribe about toxic air in London, preferring to blame it all on diesel cars instead. This is despite the fact that transatlantic flights are routed out of their way to pass over the capital on a daily basis. Not only do they go out of their way to fly over London but we have proved that they are also flying much lower than the stated altitude they broadcast on ADS-B transponders they use. We have reported this to the CAA and basically been lied to in their response. Basic common sense dictates that if an aircraft is broadcasting 35,000ft, but flies overhead and you can see the flag on the tail, then that information is incorrect. A flight at 35,000ft is not really visible to the naked eye, and if you have really good eyes it will be a tiny spec in the sky. You certainly cannot make out the tail fin and the logo on it, or the engines. 35,000 ft is equivalent to 6.6 approx. When we photograph these aircraft they seem to be around 15-18000ft. We base this on the size of the aircraft and our experience at judging from 4 years of doing this compared to other aircraft broadcasting correct data. lets take 16,000ft as a figure.; that equals 3 miles approx, so we have a discrepancy of 3 miles. That’s no small amount. So imagine a man standing 30m away on a street. then imagine a man standing at 60 m away. You wont be able to see his glasses and what logo he has on his jacket at 60m. A poor analogy perhaps but again you get the idea. Why is this not being discussed int he context of air pollution in London, and indeed in the whole of the country?

Make it look normal

So anyway, we digress slightly but it is important to understand these things when consider this issue as a whole. Since started doing this about 4 years ago we have managed to stop the huge numbers of flights criss crossing our country with no flight data, flying around in repeated patters dumping cloud-forming aerosols in our skies, aerosols which gradually fall to ground level and pollute the air we breath. Due t our increasing reports of this, the threat of legal action by us and the mounting evidence of this activity, which is basically illegal, the airlines, NATS and the CAA have had to rethink their strategy to cover our skies with cloud. They now rely on flights following what appear to be genuine routes and with genuine flight data. Clearly if the industry had to rely on genuine passengers and a realistic business model – one which had a normal pricing policy such as that on trains where the majority of fares were sold at full price – there would be far few flights in our skies. Not enough by far to enable our weather to be effectively controlled from dawn to dusk.

So we come full circle as you see, Offer cheap fares to get just a few people on the flights and you can run as many flights as you like at all hours of the day, ensure full coverage of our entire skyline.

Like many of the things we propose, this may seem incredulous to some that such a complex and vast deception my be occurring, but we do firmly believe that our airline industry is being controlled and used in such a way. All the evidence points to this and no other satisfactory explanation seems to be available, so we are left with this very frightening possibility. When you then go out and actually watch this in action, which anyone can do for their garden or workplace then the bitter reality will really sink in.

If you do decide to cross check this it really is quite simple. All you need is a laptop or tablet and your eyes.

Please DO do this at home.


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