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Changing the past and manipulating the future

Digitally Re-mastering Films

Over the past 20 years or so, most popular films have been digitally re-mastered. Digitally re-mastering, it seems, is a process by which the major film houses go about altering history, and by this we mean altering the appearance of the sky in existing films. We noticed on a ‘Digitally Re-mastered’ copy of Monty Python’s – The Life of Brian that the skies seemed very strange and so we compared it to the original film on VHS, and sure enough they had been made milky and hazy instead of the clear deep blue typical of the middle east region where the film was recorded. We don’t have either the DVD or VHS handy but will do a comparison as soon as we do.

South Pacific is another classic that has also fallen victim to the establishment’s ‘digital manipulation program’. Here we see 3 images taken from the DVD of South Pacific that was “Renewed 1986 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation” as stated on the cover. The album also includes some images taken from a private collection of that part of the world that show the true colour of the sky. I have personally visited Tahiti, spending several months working there, and can vouch for the fact that the skies there do NOT look like those presented in the DVD version of the film, and never have.

We hope to get some screenshots ourselves of this when we can find both of the above films on VHS. In the mean time we have set up a page for everyone to post their own examples of this phenomenon. If you can get hold of the VHS and the later DVD versions of classic films, simply photograph the images from the TV of the VHS and then do a screenshot from your computer of the DVD showing the exact same scene and lets compare them.

The above page is also for showing your holiday snaps from pre-1990, so we can see what real skies used to look like, here and abroad.

Digital manipulation program in the media

Another very famous example is the Virgin Trains The Railway Children advert. A short sequence from the film was used in a Virgin Trains advertisement produced by  Saatchi and Saatchi. We know that the Saatchis are best buddies with the PM, and we also know that Virgin are prime protagonists in the Climate Engineering programs so this comes as no surprise really. What does come as a surprise is that they thought we would all not notice. Amazingly only a few did, but those few were enough to let others know what was going on and this example is now very well known and documented.

Here is a link to a video made by one observant person, but there are quite a number of references online about this.

Remarkably the makers of the advert even admit the insertion of chemtrails, so here we have the clearest evidence yet that this is happening.

Phil Morris contacted the people who made the commercial and he received this response from someone associated with the makers of the Commercial:


From: xxx Sent: 19 July 2010 09:53 To: PHIL Morris;yyy; Subject: RE: The Railway Children, Virgin Trains and Chemtrails

Hi Phil

The contrails were indeed ‘on-purpose’ in our Virgin Trains ‘Return of the Train’ ad.

If you look closely in the background you can also see a block of modern flats on the horizon. This juxtaposition of old and new aims to highlight the new beginnings of the modern Virgin Train.

In 2004, Virgin Trains began to roll out their new fleet of new trains, the Pendolino, to the West Coast line. It was deemed to be time to address their ultimate ambition – to become the nation’s transport provider of choice. We wanted to encourage consumers to make an active, positive choice to take the train rather than driving or opting to fly – and to keep doing so over time.

So, as you can see, the contrails were used as a tool, although subtle, to address the above.

Many thanks


 The BBC Archive

There is also a rumour that the BBC Archive was privatised some time ago, with the specific intention of allowing it to manipulate content that is sent out to 3rd parties so as to ensure it contains suitably manipulated skies. This would seem an obvious tactic of any organisation that was trying to promote a new normal, as it prevents people investigating it providing examples of older programs showing clear and natural skies. We are currently investigating this claim and will report back soon.

Fortunately we have a million charity shops in the UK that are bursting with VHS copies of everything from films to TV programs, instructional videos and nature documentaries that will give us very clear evidence of what our skies used to look like. Please don’t throw away your VHS player if you still have one, and get rummaging !

As always we refer people to our adopted motto:

“You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”

An absolutely classic and very important quote by Abraham Lincoln

Please get busy and help in this fight to prevent the powers that be changing history and brainwashing us. We don’t think we have long to do this, and complacency, and the assumption that others are on it so you can relax, is very dangerous. We can’t do everything and we need your help !

We hope to expand on the information presented here as we gather more evidence.


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