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Beyond The Airline Alliances

Updated 3.8.14


Notes: since publishing this it seems the Wikipedia entry about Synergy group no longer contains references to Bill Gates investing $100m in the company. That was a vital clue, but we have a screen-shot of it as always somewhere so we will post ASAP, suffice to say that people are shifting and adapting as fast as we can investigate and publish.

Synergy Group

The Synergy group seem to be instrumental in the overall network. Avianca Brazil are the ones operating supersonic flights over South America. I suspect Avianca Brazil flights might also have been instrumental in inflaming or directly causing the South America riots. We have no direct evidence of this, but it seems logical, when one considered the anecdotal evidence of Prince (the Artists) in claiming near riots were caused in the US after planes left trails over cities. When one also looks at the flight paths of some of the hypersonic jets at the time of the riots it seems likely.

[Avianca Fast Image]

Germán Efromovich

Links to Bill gates (ce) $100m investment in Synergie.

Brazilian Digex company, may be involved in some way. We don’t have the time to expand on these leads now so maybe others can. They specialise in aviation maintenance so may have links to the fitting of the delivery systems (c)

The links to South America seem too big to be ignored and it is no coincidence that the BA, Air France and Lufthansa flights from Rio and Sao Paolo seem to be the main tankers bringing in the chemicals from the Gulf of Guinea.


Look into Mark Schwab connection with NWO (?)


Beyond the airline Alliances


Simply looking at the major airline alliances, however, is too simplistic. The network behind this is vast and we suspect it includes other global organisations. We won’t go into detail about these organisation here, but we suspect Synergy Group has a fundamental role in the global structure. In-Q-Tel are likely the people behind the science of what is being sprayed. Most people assume that this is simply a case of dumping a load of chemicals into the atmosphere to block the sun; well simplistically speaking that is true, but like every other aspect of this, it is vastly more complex than that.

There are 3 main types of climate engineering programs currently in operation.

Cloud formation types, reputed to be Barium and possibly other compounds that form persistent trails which spread out an form extensive cloud cover.

Fibres: The fibres are particularly worrying and we now believe we are dealing with nano-fibres that are actually able to exist and develop in some way, inside our throats, and possibly other parts of the human body. We deal with this further in an article coming soon called Complex Equation.

Smokers: Planes pumping what appears to be diesel or some other fossil fuel into their exhaust, so as to create huge clouds of thick black smoke. This is, we have concluded after much thought, a deliberate attempt to introduce large amounts of both CO2 into our atmosphere, so as to bolster the CO2 climate fear-mongering, but may also result in large amounts of low-level ozone being produced. Low-level ozone is extremely harmful to humans, and causes many health problems.


Though we currently believe these may be the major corps behind the entire program, there is no real evidence as such. All we have is circumstance evidence and resulting conjecture. We would like someone to delve much deeper and try to discover the financial, political and scientific web that underpins them. As always Bill Gates is a major player. We suspect Israeli labs are the ones that have developed the nano-fibres. There are also very strong ties to South America. If you come up with a serious paper we will pay well if we can publish it. The idea of this research is to determine what the equation is. We have another article called Complex Equation, that describes the wider picture of how we are being physically poisoned by all the assorted toxins we are being exposed to. If we can then match poli-comm links to chemical links in the things we are exposed to, then maybe a more focussed image will emerge. It’s a bit like doing a brass rubbing. We have noticed that Diageo is also at the heart of the poli-comm Mafia network, but we suspect companies such as Proctor & Gamble to be heavily involved too.

This is much deeper than just global warming and spraying our skies to block the sun. If you know about, and subscribe t Agenda 21 theories then you will understand what we mean by that, suffice to say it is impossible to state that one understands what is happening around us without coming to some rather sinister conclusions.


To be continued soon, we hope…