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AV5 – David Lim and our letter to Ian R Crane

We found out about AV5 by chance, not having heard about it previously. As soon as David Lim’s name was mentioned we immediately booked tickets and rushed to the event with covert recording equipment at the ready. We have followed David and his talks as much as possible since first seeing him talk in December 13 and then exposing him as a disinformation agent some time later, so the opportunity to hear him talk at this event was unmissable.

There was a plethora of topics from alternative monetary systems, to police and court corruption and harassment, to NWO and Illuminati talks, phone-mast and EMF and smart meter talks, and even the more extreme aliens and Sumarian rubbish, so enough to keep vent the most stupid and gullible people happy. Obviously we were there for one reason and one reason only, but despite this we attended most of the talks and learned a few interesting things.

Sadly though, despite going with an open mind, we left his last event AV5 with a very uneasy feeling about the mood, content and underlying intentions of the event as a whole. The feeling we were left with was one of being overwhelmed by the power and reach of the complicit establishment. We were told about people who has stood up to the police or courts and had been persecuted relentlessly. Though at the time it seemed a valiant story to be championed, we saw the underlying message that it gave as one of futility. We do not agree with this, and in fact it was that message that drew our attention to the fact that David Lim was not a person to be trusted as he was not only giving false information to his audience, but was also subtly promoting this feeling of the establishment all being in on this, and so they were all-powerful, knew everything we were doing and protesting about it was futile and would get you on some hit list or other to be singled out for persecution by all manner of evil technological ways, including transhumanism implants according to David’s talks at Forest Row. We think this is all complete rubbish and soon realised it was just made up and meant to scare the less astute members of the audience into behaving and not acting.

The legal system and the police are also still very much on our side still. There is not doubt that some elements at the top of both are likely corrupt and complicit to some extent, as with many other organisations, but overall they are still very useful to us and comprised mainly of normal folk like you and I. If what AV5 professed was actually true, we would not have won our court case against David Lim !

There is a common formula in counter-intelligence. It is well-known that they like to own the other side, but few are aware of the 80/20 formula. They give you 80% of the story to seem like they are fighting for you, but withhold the crucial 20%, so as to limit your knowledge and make your efforts worthless and ineffective. They also like to find out as much about you as possible. It was David Lim’s textbook enactment of this tactic that exposed him to us, and ultimately led to his downfall.

For those that are not aware, David Lim was due to talk at AV5. When he realised we were there however, he ran away. Obviously too scared to face our questions one more time, but probably also because we had seen some posts by him on his web-page that had presented our evidence about the 3-pipe aerosol delivery system as his own. Silly man. We had brought leaflets to the event detailing our discovery, so if he had planned t include that in his talk as we suspect then he would have ended up with an entire family sized omelette on his face.

Before he left David did try to cause a bit of trouble by approaching several attendees and accusing us of plagiarising his work, and even of sexually harassing is wife haha. The former is completely provable so quite a silly thing to do, and the latter is just ludicrous. His wife is a bg, buxom loud and outspoken country woman, who would be able to floor most men with a single punch or if feeling less aggressive tear them to pieces with words. The idea that I stayed at their house for up to a week at a time on occasions and sexually harassed here with her supposed husband and children present, plus an assortment of friends and neighbours is quite laughable and show the kind of person we are dealing with here. Underhand, dishonest and devious to say the least. We were informed of this fact by several other attendees, but paid little attention to be honest. If there were a shred of truth to it they would have informed the police I’m sure. One other thing we found out pretty quickly was that David had told Ian R Crane to remove our flyers from the table. The fact that David had asked him to do this came as no surprise really, but the fact that Ian had actually done it was pretty remarkable. We confronted Ian about this and he explained that he had to respect the wishes of his speaker. Dumbfounded we politely reminded him this was a truth event, and censoring at a truth event is kind of hypocritical to say the least. We promptly replaced them and nothing more was said. Jumping ahead slightly though, we did overhear part of a conversation between David and Ian, and it seemed David was very much in charge. That seemed very odd to us. Suddenly the great truther was being dictated to by some Chemtrail upstart.

Anyhow back to our letter to Ian about AV5, AV6 and the issue as whole – we don’t follow Ian and know little about his past, so it would be foolish to accuse him of being counter-intelligence or anything of the sort, but we would like to have some clear answers to our questions and points we have raised. We did try several time to text, phone and email soon after the AV5 event, but had no reply at all. We feel that anyone who ignores questions levied to them by other real people should at least respond. If they don’t then it looks very odd to those that follow either or both parties.

It has to be said in Ian’s defence that he genuinely did not know about our previous history with David Lim. We have to also assume, to give him the benefit of the doubt, that he might not have known that David Lim was counter intelligence. Despite this, when David left unceremoniously legged it from the event, we asked Ian if he would let us speak. He declined, stating that he was unaware of the history and was shaken by the turn of events. We have to accept this and he seemed genuine in his explanation at the time, but events since have coloured that view somewhat as he has failed to either investigate our claims about David, as far as we know, contact us, or reply to any of our attempts to contact him about talking at AV6.

So why the silence. Surely if a prolific truther and supposed master of the expose’ was genuine he would make every effort to investigate and get the real man into to talk instead of the imposter (obviously that’s out view), and yet we have not had a reply to any of our communication attempts.

Ian. Lets get to the truth shall we ?

We look forward to your comments.