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Airport Security Checks

This article is still under development

It might seem counter-intuitive to post this article and make the following comments, but lateral thinking is something we specialise at Look-Up That’s how we have managed to figure out so much about what is going on. If you understand your enemy, you are well on the way to defeating them, and we think we understand how ‘they’ think now.

If we accept that the Islamic threat is not real, or at best vastly exaggerated, which most intelligent and informed people do now, then we must question why there are such stringent checks at airports. It occurred to us as we were planning our article ‘Beyond The Banner’ that when things start to really kick off, and by that we mean people are dying from conditions relating to climate engineering and the existence, but more importantly the sinister intention behind, the various programs is widely accepted, that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that some hero will take it upon themselves to do something crazy like  hijack a plane, land it at some remote airstrip where there is a film crew or reporters waiting, and suddenly the entire chemtrail program has been exposed as being true, provable and on film.

It only takes some good images on one plane or some video of the dispersal systems on board to blow this into the public realm. This may seem far-fetched at the movement, but as we said, when things start really hotting up as they will do soon, the people will become more imaginative and much braver. Any animal will fight like crazy when it knows its life is under threat.

This could lead to some interesting scenarios. Look-Up has devised many elaborate ideas to thwart the current programs of climate engineering such as blockading the airports, film the systems, prize information from people, and we are just one mind as it were. When millions of people are panicking about the fact they are being essentially sprayed like bugs by planes, then some serious shit is likely to go down.

There is, of course no guarantee things will get that far, but that’s another article. Back to the security checks…

You may have gathered our thought train by now. These checks are not to protect us from terrorists, because there are no real terrorists. These security checks are to protect the terrorists (those behind this program) from us. It makes total sense. Imagine someone who was terminally ill decided to blow up a plane known to be spraying (which is almost every plane in the 3 airline alliances now). The debris would scatter, including the contents of the chemical containers, the pipes, the pumps etc, you get the picture. Recent events in Ukraine highlighted this precarious scenario. When the plane came down airline ‘investigators’ were absolutely desperate to get the the wreckage, so much so that it became part of the international crisis itself, with leaders postulating and making threats etc

This operation is massive, but is also extremely tightly controlled. There is no way that everyone in the airline industry, specifically the people who examine wreckages, would be savvy to the knowledge. And what if a reporter got there first? It simply can’t happen. That is why such extreme measure are taken… to protect the planes, not us.

There are other examples of planes clearly crashing and being hastily removed, or the events themselves even denied and covered up. MA370 is the most famous of those but AF447 and the Canary Islands event are others. It seems clear there is a massive operation in progress to jump in and do a Mr Fox (Pulp Fiction reference) on every air crash event that happens. It seems implausible that 3 large commercial jets can completely dispensary with no trace at all in the space for a few years.

There is, of course the added bonus of encouraging the well-crafted fear-mongering campaign of the fabricated Islamic threat to western society that has been relentlessly fostered in the UK complicit press. This serves a dual purpose really as it not only unites us all in fear with a common enemy (a well-known government tactic to control and unite its populous) but allows for the ever increased security measures to be enforced at every turn. One again we see classic Bilderberg tactics at work here.

There have also been significant changes to airside laws.

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