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Proposed Solar Radiation Management programs are already well underway in Europe and must be stopped. Our sunshine is being blocked and the air we breathe is being saturated with potentially harmful aerosols and micro-fibres.

Commercial airlines are being used to execute large-scale, Solar Radiation Management – SRM – programs across Europe. These programs are creating vast amounts of cloud cover that would not have formed naturally, which is blocking our sunshine and filling the air we breathe with unknown and potentially harmful chemicals. Our permission has not been sought and these programs constitute a breach of the terms of the ENMOD treaty of 1977. Treaties aside, how dare private airlines mess with our weather.

In 2015 there were no days that were completely cloud-free over England. There was only one day with <10% cloud cover. There were only 12 days with approximately 10% to 50% cloud cover. That means 352 days of last year had cloud cover over most of the country and most of that cloud cover was derived from aviation ’emissions’.

Even if you are not able to accept that those emissions are being introduced deliberately, that’s a really massive problem that is not being talked about. In fact, the entire situation is being completely denied by ministers and The MET Office alike despite the clear and incontrovertible evidence to show this is happening on a daily basis.

This website gives you all of that evidence and more in the form of time-lapse films of skies, close-up footage or aircraft spraying, satellite images of our skies, photographic evidence of the aerosol delivery systems used on aircraft and of the containers being loaded, articles, analysis and communications with the organisations involved. More than enough hard evidence to show unequivocally that commercial aircraft belonging to the 3 global airline alliances are now involved in potentially hazardous and illegal weather modification in our skies. We encourage you to consider this situation very carefully. This is no theory, it is a proven, tangible and extremely alarming reality.

A perfect example is this time-lapse film from 6th May 2016 – London, or look at the satellite images from 2015 here. We now record time-lapse of skies over London and publish them on our dedicated Vimeo channel. We also record daily satellite images of UK weather.



The first question everybody asks. Aside the fact that the reason is almost irrelevant, we now feel the primary purpose of these programs is to create cloud cover over the UK to undermine solar power. Solar power has the potential to liberate the us all from oil consumption and even to allow us to live entirely off-grid with cheap, clean energy. If solar power had been allowed to develop to its full potential we may have already have been at that stage now.

Imagine how much more energy solar power could have generated at no extra cost if those 352 days a year had been sunny.

Imagine where solar power would be now if the £240billion the British government has given to privately owned British airlines over the past 24 years, in the form of tax exemptions, had been invested in solar power. £240 billion! Back of an envelope calculations show that is roughly equivalent to 120 million 100W solar panels at retail prices, which when considered in a state program context could potentially have provided around 600W+ of power for ever household in the UK slashing energy bills to a tiny fraction of what they are now. Instead, last year our government cut subsidies for domestic solar power by 65%, with further drastic cuts planned for 2017, while maintaining the £10 billion a year it gives to the industry that is causing solar power to fail. Coincidence? We think not.

It also means our government can continue to claim that renewables are not a viable alternative to coal, gas and nuclear, keeping the Westminster, corporate money-go-round well and truly oiled (pun intended). As always, follow the money !

Cloud cover aside, Solar Radiation Management, the type of Climate Engineering this website focuses on, is also causing our atmosphere to warm and behave in unusual ways . This, of course, all feeds rather nicely into the climate hysteria we are being force-fed in the mainstream media so that the EU can try to introduce the mindset of a climate emergency. The scientists involved in Climate Engineering claim it is to protect us from Global Warming, re-branded Climate Change, but it is clearly what is causing our climate to warm and behave in unusual ways.


In May this year we released our first professionally produced documentary on this topic:


Climate Engineering Research Symposium CE imageWatch it on Vimeo

It focuses on the emergency mind-set being fostered by the small clique of corporate-backed climate scientists that seem determined to introduce officially-approved CE programs so as to undermine cheap, clean solar energy for all. Oil-producing nations fund and subsidise the global aviation industry to the tune of hundred of billions of dollars annually. The aviation industry is now operated in the most inefficient way possible, and encourages the least occupancy per flight with the highest emissions per passenger, which is probably why it needs subsidising. It seems the priority in the aviation industry now is simply to have as many planes in the sky as possible at all times, irrespective of profit or emissions. That’s a really big clue as to what is really going on !


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