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Climate Engineering is happening NOW and must be stopped.

Welcome to Look-Up – Europe’s leading Climate Engineering awareness forum

A small clique of corporate-backed scientists are trying hard to introduce officially approved Climate Engineering programs. They claim spraying chemicals into our skies from commercial aircraft is the only thing that can save us from Global Warming, something they can’t even prove is happening. We think their insane plan to block our sunshine is unnecessary, dangerous and nothing to do with science or protecting us, but more to do with financially motivated weather control. Our permission or opinion has not and will not be sought, indeed it is not welcome. Our governments are trying very hard to ignore the issue in the hope they can allow this to happen without even acknowledging it, because they know we would object which of course we do. Despite the programs being referred to by scientists as ‘proposed’, many believe these programs are already underway in Europe and the US which explains the increasingly strange skies we now see.

The following 3 statements summarise the current situation:

1. Planes are not supposed to make clouds and yet we see them doing so in our skies every day.

2. Private corporations have no right to decide which days we have sunshine and which days we do not.

3. The air we breath is fundamental to our lives/health. Nobody has the right to alter it without our consent.


Climate Engineering is defined officially as “The deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system.” We have amassed a large amount of evidence to show the ‘proposed’ programs to engineer our climate are already under way in the UK and Europe and can be clearly seen affecting our weather on most days. We think that is unacceptable and must be stopped. Even if you are not convinced it is already happening, it is crucial you join the fight to prevent it being officially approved. There is almost no public debate on the issue and there will be no way for us to know what they spray and the effects it has on our health and environment.

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