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Welcome to Look-Up – Europe’s leading Climate Engineering forum

This website attempts to be an informative introduction to the subject of Climate Engineering, as well as a source of further information and discussion via Facebook. Climate Engineering is defined officially as “The deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system…”. We have amassed a large amount of evidence to show the proposed programs to engineering our climate are already under way in the UK and Europe. We think that is unacceptable and they must be stopped.

This website is constantly under development. Many articles are initially posted in note-form, and certain articles are incomplete, as we believe it is better to publish fast and update later. Ultimately we are not trying to impress you, but inform you. If you are worried by typos and style then you’re missing the point of the site! Please bear with us as we add and update content.

We publish the latest information on our Blog or Facebook. [Like] our page to stay right up to date with what we are doing. Please select ‘All Notifications’ and check in regularly, as Facebook restricts our reach to around just 7% of our followers now.