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Climate Engineering is happening NOW and must be stopped.

Commercial airlines are being used to execute large-scale, here covert, weather modification programs across Europe. These programs are creating vast amounts of cloud cover that would not have formed naturally. If you are in doubt then just watch this time lapse film from 6th May 2016 – London.

As a result they are causing our atmosphere to warm and behave in unusual ways. Some scientists claim it is to protect us from Climate Change but it is clearly what is causing our climate to change. We feel it is more to do with corporate weather control than protecting us, and anyway, our permission has not been sought. How dare private organisation mess with our weather without our permission.


Our first professionally produced documentary was released on May 1st.

CE image

It focuses on the emergency mind-set being fostered by the small clique of corporate-backed climate scientists that seem determined to introduced corporate control of our weather despite the fact there is no evidence to show it is necessary or would even work.


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