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Climate Engineering is happening NOW and must be stopped.

Commercial airlines are being used to execute large-scale weather modification programs across Europe. These programs are creating vast amounts of cloud cover that would not have formed naturally. As a result they are causing our atmosphere to warm and behave in unusual ways. Scientists claim it is to protect us from Climate Change but it is clearly what is causing our climate to change. We feel it is more to do with corporate weather control than protecting us, and anyway, our permission has not been sought. How dare private organisation mess with our weather without our permission.

Please take the time to read our information. It is the culmination of 3 years of research and investigation. If you want natural, sunny skies again instead of the endless grey we are forced to endure, please help us put an end to Climate Engineering.

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As we look upwards and move onwards we feel our 3 1/2 year campaign has been successful in alerting masses of people to the fact that our weather is now being engineered by the 3 global corporations that now own most of the world’s airlines. If The Department of Transport are having to counter our information it means we have reached sufficient numbers of people for them to be concerned.

This year we shall be focusing on exposing those who know what is happening but are failing to act or speak up. There are many forums which deal with the possibility that CE – Climate Engineering – is harmful. We do not specialise in that area except for the obvious effects of particulates and sunlight deprivation, but what many do not consider is that many lives have been lost due to the increasingly frequent fatal accidents that we feel are the result of catastrophic failures of the pressurised systems used on Airbus A320 series aircraft and Boeing 737-800s which are the workhorses of the 2 primary CE programs. There have also been many unexplained, fatal incidents involving the tankers – the larger aircraft such as the Airbus A380s and Boeing 747s – which bring the chemicals into European hub airports from West Africa and the Far East, MH370 being just one example.

To knowingly put the lives of air crew, ground crew, passengers and the public at risk is known as Corporate Manslaughter. The time has come to force our national and international organisations to confront this situation and prosecute those involved. If they fail to act we will bring private prosecutions against the airlines and seek to expose those who have failed to protect us.

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