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Welcome to the Look-Up Chemtrails UK portal.

This website attempts to be an informative introduction to the subject of Chemtrails as well as a source of valuable further information, and place to contact others who care and are trying to change things. Chemtrails is the name given to the streaks and haze we now see coming from planes all over our skies. If you have just become aware of this subject we strongly recommend you read New To Chemtrails before you do anything else.

Help us uncover the truth about Chemtrails

This website is still very much under development. The way it works is stuff is posted as soon as it can be, often in note form, and certain articles are incomplete, as we believe it is better to publish in note-form than to wait, as ultimately we are not trying to impress you, but inform you. If you are worried by typos and writing style then you are missing the point of the site! Please bear with us as we add more and more content, add to our menu system and generally get closer to the truth about chemtrails.

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