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Direct sampling

This is perhaps our most ambitious project, but is also the Holy Grail of the Climate Engineering awareness movement. We intend to charter a small jet or other light aircraft to fly directly behind the path of a plane suspected of leaving trails and to take air samples. This would hopefully be a single day, and would involve both academics and a film crew to document the event. Laboratory tests on the results will be published soon afterwards. We intend to get legal advice and advice from scientific sources on how to collect and present the evidence in such a way as to make it watertight in a court of law.

We estimate the cost of this project to be in the region of £8-10,000 including post production and the presentation of the results in a publishable scientific paper. Single event.


Having researched this and tried to find a company willing to do this we have encountered some problems. We have not found a company willing or able to fly so close to a commercial airliner. The reasons are complex and revolve around air traffic routes and associated regulations, but essentially it is not going to work in this way. We have devised another method recently and are investigating this more closely now.



We are now pretty much fully equipped in terms of what we need to monitor and investigate this operation. Most of the surveillance we needed to carry out has been done and it would be fair to say that we have a pretty clear and comprehensive picture of the entire global distribution network from fabrication of the substances used right through to the actual aircraft that spray them. We now also know the assorted techniques being used to try to mask their behaviour. This is not a static technology or operation quite the opposite. It is a game of cat and mouse. Every thing we publish is acted on and changed reasonable fast to try to mask its existence. Because of this we are not publishing direct evidence anymore and are simply collecting, collating and storing it in preparation for legal action.

There are still certain tasks that will need to be done as we approach a situation where we feel we might be able to get this into a court of law, but we will deal with those as and when we get there.


Statistical research and analysis

As soon as we are able, Look-Up would like to get a small office and hire a couple a full-time researcher to carry out statistical research and analysis. We already have one researcher who is working on out behalf on a freelance basis, gathering information and analysing information we are sending them. Our belief is that statistics is one fo the most powerful weapons in the fight to expose corruption and covert operations. because of the scale of this campaign, which literally spans the globe, even the most organised and highly funded organisations are incapable of hiding everything. Much work needs to be done to gather data, look for patterns, look for errors, inconsistencies and clues. There is a limit to how much a photograph of a plane can prove, but if you back that photo up with lots of other data and evidence then you start to have a more solid case. This project is time-consuming and needs someone, or several people, with a particular mind dedicating themselves to it. We estimate about £3000 a month would cover the costs of this, and are convinced the results would be very revealing. There are many things we need to look at, not just the sky. Our media is full of information that reveals this program on a daily basis. Sadly we have become blind to the clues as we are all so busy and distracted…which is, of course, what they want and what they rely on to get away with this.

Another aspect of this research is the analysis of media data (publications) from the last 10-20 years. We have been bombarded with a bewildering array of health and scientific advice from all kinds of sources. Much of this advice has been contradictory, and in some cases  it has been verging on contrary to common sense. We can’t go into the deeper reasoning here, suffice to say that following on from our statement that statistics is an infinitely powerful weapon, we believe that analysis of the media, with particular reference to the origins of much of the material published, will reveal some very interesting patterns indeed. Once again, we apologise for not being able to be more specific here.


Laboratory testing of human and environment samples.



Look-Up is, as far as we are aware, the first organisation to have human tissue samples tested in the UK for the presence of heavy metals in relation to chemtrails. The results will be published soon. The results clearly show what appear to be high levels of Aluminium in all samples, together with high levels of Barium and Strontium in most samples. We need to do more extensive tests and have them peer-reviewed to be able to present this as hard evidence that can be submitted in a court of law. We are designing further research at the moment in collaboration with a couple of organisations.

We are also having tests run on the fibers which we hope will reveal some interesting information. The fact that they collect in our throats is alarming enough on its own, but for some strange reason having nano-technology in one’s throat does not seem to bother them enough to cause concern; they want us to prove it is harmful. To us that is like having a scorpion on your neck and saying well hey, if you can’t prove its poisonous then it can just stay there.

That is perhaps the strangest aspect of this entire situation. People’s nonchalant attitude to the fact that aircraft are spraying stuff into the sky that is not only affecting our weather by reducing sunlight, but that those substances are collecting in our bodies. How can anyone just accept that and get on with their lives.


If we can prove these programs are harmful to human health then not only can we wave the facts at these people. but we can also get this into court under human rights laws, under the ENMOD Treaty and possibly other similar things such as Crimes Against Humanity. We are currently taking advice on all these things but progress is sadly slow as our budget dwindles, we are having to look for cheaper ways of achieving our goals.


Media researcher.

Irritable Throat Syndrome

This is a job for an investigative journalist or someone who feels they have the time and skills to look into the media in detail. There is no doubt in our mind that our media is now full of conditioning articles in the form of pieces attempting to explain away all the strange and unnatural phenomena we see, and also all the new medical conditions that seem to be arising as a result of the substances that we are breathing in. We have run a few of examples of these on our Facebook page, but the one that really made us laugh was the new condition of Irritable Throat Syndrome. This has been invented, either by the paper or those who supplied the article to them, to explain away the fibers that collect in our throats. The article refers to nonsense medical information to justify its claims. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and we could do with someone who has a drill like mentality and can pursue things relentlessly until they get the answers. We might be able to fund this to some extent, certainly to expenses level.

This is a great example from The Mail Online recently and is the full article from the above image: Irritable Throat Syndrome


Neuro-Linguistic Programming on television

We strongly believe the BBC and possibly other media corporations have been conditioning people to accept this situation for some time. The obvious way is by presenting ever-increasing images of skies that look chemically engineered on news and other programs. That is not in dispute anymore and can be clearly seen. More worrying is the deeper conditioning we feel might be occurring by using NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a very popular techniques used in psychotherapy to influence the way people think about certain things, or change the way they feel or react to things. It has been proven that TV station in the US, such as Fox and CNN, have used NLP to influence the way their audiences react to news or even to guests they present on their programs. In our journey of discovery over the last few months we have noticed that when told about Climate Engineering some people have an immediate and extreme reaction, either ridiculing it or becoming very defensive or even angry. Others suddenly snap into what we have termed IDS – Irrational Defense Syndrome – they will invent complex-sounding explanations for all the things we suggest, despite not having any knowledge of what they are talking about or ever having considered this topic previously. On further investigation we have found that those people had not grounds to do so, not having researched it at all, but also that they tended to be the people who watched the most TV. We think that is significant. We also met with a film-maker who has been looking at the increasingly strange intonations and body language of presenters on the BBC.

We think this is very interesting and worth looking into. We are unsure as yet how to go about this but finding an NLP expert who can review footage and interview members of the public about their views on our strange skies might reveal some very interesting clues as to what, if anything, is going on.

In the mean time this page investigates some good examples of what we suspect might be happening n UK TV as well.