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Legal Action


This is perhaps the most serious and important part of this website and the crux of the intensions of the people behind it. We feel that unless there is a sudden and exponential rise in both public awareness about this issue, but more importantly public action, our government will continue to turn a blind eye to this program and stonewall any enquiries or investigations indefinitely. Only the threat of legal action is likely to bring about any broad change to, or cessation of, this program.

The General Direction

Court action by us against public and private bodies, including government agencies

The issue is extremely complex, and though we feel it breaches many laws, and contravenes many of the Directions of the CAA and policies of both government and the public and private companies involved in it, proving it is happening, and more importantly proving it is illegal are not as simple as one might think. Despite the evidence being clearly visible in the skies in the form of residues from SAI together with visible equipment fitted to planes belonging to the airlines involved and numerous soil and tissue samples from around the world confirming the suspected elements involved are present in abnormally high levels, bringing this evidence together in a conclusive format that will convince a court to prosecute airlines and government employees will not be easy. The CAA are being very evasive in response to Freedom of Information requests we have submitted so far. We suspect that their level of involvement goes well beyond turning a blind eye. Because of their role they must know exactly what is going on; in fact they are the sole body responsible for allocating flight routes in UK airspace to the airlines involved in the program. Exactly who and how many of their employees are officially involved is another matter. We deal with this in another article called [Above or below the curtain] in this section. We can virtually prove they are directly involved as an organisation with the evidence we have already gathered and more is coming in almost on a daily basis. So many suspicious flight paths, and other inconsistencies that appear to show beyond reasonable doubt that the air traffic patterns we see in our skies are indicative of a mass of very suspicious activity at best, and a highly organised and targeted program of ‘aerial pollution’ at worst. Proving they know about it will be relatively easy, but proving deliberate complicity and deliberate intent to harm the general population will be trickier. When we have found a legal firm brave enough to take this on, which is in itself a challenge, then we will look at the possibility of starting down this road.

Private court action against private companies in the small claims court

There is also another option which is much less costly overall and may even be more effective. Launching private action in the small claims court against individual airlines may prove to be a fabulously effective weapon. We can supply you with all the evidence you need. All you need to do is get yourself as solicitor and issue proceedings for damages yourself. We are also seeking legal advice about this avenue, and as soon as we have clear guidance we will let you know, so as we can orchestrate a campaign to begin fighting back. Consider the fact that each case must be defenced individually by the defendant. Legal costs cannot be claimed by the defendant. This approach will send shockwaves across the industry as a whole, as it will consume the organisations involved in this both financially and in terms of administration. The first few cases will likely fail, but we monitor their defence we will learn what we need to do to close the case successfully, and sooner or later one case will succeed. When it does, then we suspect it might be game over for them as if they persist then they would be liable to infinite damages from further cases. I’m sure at this stage the government will step in and change the law in some way to protect the perpetrators or the program will simply change its methods s as to move the goalposts, but at least we will have made an impact.

Please note all this postulating is simply that at this stage. We are seeking legal advice, but our ideas are currently based entirely on a basic understanding of our legal systems from a public perspective. If you work in the legal profession please contact us. We need all the help we can get.

Below we have listed some of the specific projects we can discuss openly. There are others that rely on the element of surprise so we cant publicise them here. The ideas below all form part of the General Direction, but are all specific things we need to do so we have listed them individually so that you have the chance to contribute in some way to a specific project if you can. That contribution can be purely financial or it can be with advice, knowledge, existing evidence such as data, collecting evidence towards that particular project, or simply suggestions as to how we might either improve our ideas, or achieve our goals more effectively. We are not lawyers or professional investigators, and we don’t claim to know everything… we are simply the first people willing to stick out necks out and make this happen in the UK, so we need all the help we can get.

If you would like to launch your own action against any airline or organisation you can do so by going to Money Claim Online. We suggest taking some legal advice before you do.

Please feel free to feed back to us in any way you feel necessary, including constructive criticism.

Plane inspection:

Look-Up would like to force the police to open a plane at one of Britain’s hub airports to prove conclusively that these airlines have been fitted with sophisticated delivery systems. One would think that simply asking the police to do this would suffice, but we have already tried this to no avail. A dossier of strong circumstantial evidence is needed, together with a legal representative to attend to ensure the police are forced to act in accordance with the law in response to the valid reporting of what we hope can be considered a crime against humanity. The cost of this project is primarily in the preparation of the legal case by the law firm and the costs of attendance on the day. We are investigating these costs and trying to find a suitable law firm at the moment.

Prosecution of the CAA and the Secretary of State for Defence:

To bring a prosecution in the British courts for knowingly breaching the Directions of the CAA, and knowingly being party to a program that is, at best contrary t the Direction of the CAA, and at worst endangering the lives of the citizens of the UK, and causing harm to the environment. This program contravenes so many British laws it is mind boggling.  This project will be mostly legal costs and research costs. We can’t discuss this any further for fear fo giving the game away obviously. There is no accurate figure on the costs, suffice to say it could become very expensive. We feel ultimately this is the single most important thing to do. Unless public awareness escalates incredibly quickly and people take to the streets in huge numbers, we don’t feel the government will listen at all. Only a legal challenge may be able to stop them in their tracks.

You can read the CAA directions y clicking [here]

Prosecution of individual airlines

To bring a prosecution in the British courts for knowingly breaching the Directions of the CAA, and being party to a program that is causing excessive and illegal pollution in our skies, endangering the lives of the citizens of the UK, and causing harm to the environment. This program contravenes so many British laws it is mind boggling.  This project is similar to the above in terms of costs. We are currently investigating the options.

Court orders to extract information from the CAA, NATS, The MET Office, the BBC and several other organisations:

We are currently trying to extract information from various organisations that will either reveal, or gives clues towards the program of SAI currently operating in UK airspace. Our efforts have been thwarted to some extent by evasion tactics employed by those organisations in response to Freedom of Information requests. We may need to resort to legal action to force them to reveal sensitive information. We are currently taking legal advice on this matter, and so have no idea of costs as yet, but certainly it would be quite expensive so if you can donate to this please be generous.