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Internet and Computer Security

This page is dedicated to giving you as much information as a possible to be able to go about your business without being tracked, intruded on, or interfered with in any way by any third party, but that will almost always mean the ‘authorities’. Sadly our governments have become completely obsessed with tracking our every move, every word we say.

NB – I am no security expert. The information presented here is opinion, experience, and what I have read and heard. Please read and then do your own research.

Generally speaking  none of this stuff is too hard to implement or understand, and none of it is too much of a pain in the arse to run and when you consider the benefits and peace of mind, much of it is very worth the effort. Simply the act of sticking the finger up at the snooping, interfering authorities is, in itself, almost worth the effort in my opinion. I’m am unsure if any of this will make you completely and utterly secure 100% of the time, but it certainly makes life very hard for anyone trying to track you and what you are doing. This will also help undermine the whole tracking plan implemented by the NSA and GCHQ which, joking aside, is a very important thing to do for reasons explained elsewhere on this site.

Whether or not you are doing anything that you want to hide, I believe we all have the right to privacy. Recent revelations by Edward Snowden (True Hero!)served simply to confirm what many people suspected about our governments, which is their overriding purpose has become to monitor and attempt to control everything we do. Quite why they are so obsessive about all this is another discussion, suffice to say that they are the paranoid ones, not us. They feel they must know everything we think and say in case we are plotting against them. Well, if they just did what they are supposed to do properly, which is to run society in a fair and pleasant way, nobody would bother plotting against them. Sadly as many who have reached the stage where they are looking at sites like this have realised, our reality is far from what we thought it was, or what we are told by our governments it is. As a result I feel it my duty to enlighten those to what I have discovered so they can communicate safely and securely with others, and use the internet privately, in the way it was always intended by most.


Operating systems

Windows and Mac

It is now well known that both Windows and Mac operating systems are complicit in allowing the NSA/GCHQ to access any computer anywhere. The way they have done this is to introduce what is known as an access key. In windows this was revealed by a mistake from the Microsoft coders who left a reference to it in the coding notes when it went for review apparently.

Mac is reputed to have built backdoors for the NSA as well, so basically they can ‘open up’ your computer anytime they like. The reality of this situation is that it is unlikely this is going to happen to you. If you are known and active in a field of protest then you may be identified and labelled a ‘targeted individual’, which means you will have your computer scrutinised by the security services. This happened to me several times. The way you know (I think) is that on start-up, if you computer starts with a line of fast scrolling code at the base of the screen, then it has been compromised and you need to pull the battery out and either not use it again, or get well away from any network, and reformat the machine before using it again. If you get to this stage.. then don’t put windows back on, go for LINUX.


Linux is open source software. As I undertand it there are many differnet versions that have been dapated or altered by various companies for different applications. They basically all run a similar operating system to eachother, but slightly individual. The important thing to note is that because it is open source, meaning the code is revealed and published and can be analysed and used by anyone, experts know exactly what it can and cant do. Microsoft and Apple are what is knows as closed sourse, which means the code is hidden and copyrighted, so nobody knows exactly what is going on in depth, and you are not allowed to tinker with it or change it in any way, or use it without permission (paying for it). Linux is FREE. Linux is SECURE. It really is a no brainer. The only problem arise when we look at what programs we can run on Linux. I se a lot of specialised software that runs only on Mac and Windows… simple… I now use both. My windows machine is never conneted to the internet, and my Linux machine is for browsing and everyday stuff. Because you only need to use it for internet, you can pick up a very cheap laptop for pennies with Linux on it.

Read more here – This website explains everything basically, and gives all the alternatives you need for protecting your information on pretty much any device.



It seems Mozilla Firefox is the choice of most people who want to use a secure well known browser. One person did point out that Mozilla is in the same building, or at least adjacent to,



There are other options available, but whichever you use, it is best to install TOR, so none of your activity can be location logged. Even if the browser does not log you activity or location, the site you visit may do so. TOR creates a false IP address for you, so you are logged as a completely different person in a different part of the country. Brilliant !

This is free software that masks you internet activity and prevents anyone logging your location. Visit the web page to learn more.

Search Engine

Again this is covered n the web page Prism Break.

Sadly Google is by far the best search engine around. You pay for your service though in ways you are not told. My personal opinion is that Google is the R&D department for the NWO. They are know to log pretty much everything that ever happens in any search by anyone anywhere. They recently purchased one of only a few of the worlds first working quantum computers.

They are spending billions on developing snooping technology of all kinds, and generally have become the opposite of the image they initially portrayed to the world which made them so popular. Their motto of “Do No Evil” certainly does not ring true anymore. Even all that stuff aside they pay almost NO TAX, so as far as I am concerned they are the last resort for anything I want to do online.

If you implement all the other measures, you should be pretty safe from most scenarios though. If you really do need to use Google for everyday stuff then do, but when you need to search for anything that you don’t want people to know about then there are alternatives that don’t track you or your searches.

DuckDuckGo has become very popular since the mainstream became aware of this topic. It really isn’t the best in terms of finding obscure things quickly, but it is safe, so use your judgement.

Email Provider

HUSHMAIL is perhaps the most well known of the private email systems. It encrypts all your mail and as far as we know it does not grant unrestricted access to any government body. This was confirmed recently by a story that revealed that the US courts had applied to Hushmail to have records released about Chinese steroid dealers. Husmail secretly complied. Though that means that you are not 100% safe if they are really after you, it does mean that a court order is needed to release information, which is at least reassuring to most normal people who are not targeted individuals.

Encrypted Email HUSHMAIL

Data storage and transfer

For people running forums such as this it is imperative that our data is kep safe, but also private. Even for everyday users with nothing to hide, privacy should be taken for granted. If you want to ensure easily that your data is not available for scrutiny then keep all your sensitive information on an external hard drive, and do not connect it to the internet machine, if you have 2 machines, or alternatively if you have to or only have one machine then simply come offline when you plug it in. Don’t store anything sensitive on your internet machine. If you need to upload or download anything from the iterant to your private external HD then use a memory card. Transfer files to and from the card, and upload to that card. Remember to format the card occasionally to make it harder for anyone who is looking to recover anything. Also if you use a low capacity card then each time you write something to it, it destroys part of what was there before, so eventually any trace of old material get corrupted or deleted forever. Again this is just a matter of personal judgement depending on how safe you want to be. As long s you are aware that if you place a file on a Windows or Mac machine that is connected to the internet, they can get at it, even if you delete and empty the recycle bin.


Just when you thought it was safe to have 2 machines.

This article shows that we can never assume we are completely secure. It suggests it is malware (viruses) that do this, but our suspicion is that Mac and PC operating system updates are probably responsible and that this is simply another trick of the security services to get at our data. We must consider that they set up PRISM specifically to spy on people to find out how much they know about chemtrails and Agenda 21 as a whole. Consider that if they fail and they are stopped before they manage to carry out their plans, then there will be a lot of very angry people after them, so they will stop at nothing to know what we know.



I repeat that this page is just a guide and I am no expert so if you know more then please let us know.