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About the subject


The basic evidence is that passenger aircraft have been modified with aerosol delivery systems and are now releasing ‘substances unknown’ into the atmosphere – that’s the air we all breathe – during flight.

Climate Engineering, referred to as Geo-engineering in the US, is defined as the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic systems. Climate Engineering has two categories of technologies; carbon dioxide removal techniques – collectively known as Mitigation – and solar radiation management or SRM – collectively known as Intervention. This website deals exclusively with the latter and very specifically with atmospheric aerosol spraying programs – the spraying of substances into the atmosphere from passenger planes. The technology to do this has been developed over the past few decades and an entire industry and research base has evolved around it, so this is nothing new at all. It is claimed by those involved in deploying them that that it is not yet happening but we see clear evidence of it in our skies every day and have amassed a huge amount of evidence to prove that is already happening and that what we see in our skies is not natural or normal.

There are 3 primary programs we have identified to date.

1. Persistent spreading trails which can spread over huge areas and from unnatural (fake) clouds.

2. Haze – composed of tiny plastic micro-fibres, which create the haziness and milky blue appearance of what appear to be sunny days. These are present every day whatever the weather and are sprayed from planes that leave short, shimmery trails that disperse quickly.

3. Smokers – thick black smoke trails of carbon particulates – known as Carbon Black – which create smogs.

The first 2 can be seen regularly in our skies, and neither can attributed to any natural processes. It is completely impossible for either of these to be condensation from the combustion process of modern, High Bypass Turbofan  jet engines as we explain in other parts of the site. All large passenger jets now use HBT engines.

The third type, the Smokers, were initially witnessed by us over central Europe, but many others have witnessed this in many other parts of the world. We attribute the widely reported smogs and poor air quality in the UK to this type of activity. In 2015 we finally managed to film these aircraft leaving black trails in UK airspace, so this is now a UK issue. This is very important as the authorities and media will no longer be able to claim they do not have to respond unless it is seen in the UK. Watch this video to see them in action:

What you see in the film is a fleet of commercially liveried planes pumping thick black smoke into the skies above Europe. We believe this type of spraying is to raise CO2 levels and cause smogs. This forms part of the climate emergency that the perpetrators of these programs are trying to promote. More on this in the article Climate Emergency

It is important to realise that Climate Engineering of any kind is still technically illegal* as a result of various treaties that ban any interference in our climate, one of which is the ENMOD treaty. This is why the core group of scientists who we describe as pro-SRM hardliners and who we believe to be backed by the corporations seeking to have SRM officially introduced ASAP without any public debate or approval processand who are promoting the climate emergency mindset. They know we wont agree to SRM, so they are trying very hard to bypass the public approval process by creating a perceived climate emergency.

More on this in our first film documentary here, or our article here.

There are now millions of people around the world that accept that large-scale Solar Radiation Management programs are already in full swing. This website forms part of that burgeoning community and aims to inform people about the current programs happening in our skies in the UK and Europe. The other aim of the site is to prevent the approval or ‘legalisation’ of the current programs, either by the political back doors such as lack of public objection, or by blatant dishonesty in trying to mislead the public into thinking the programs are innocuous and needed to combat Global Warming, re-branded as Climate Change.



For more detailed clarification on the variuous terms used in Climate Engineering science visit the glossary.

Our Position

We firmly believe SRM is happening now in Europe and the US and probably in other regions of the world too. It is not, as some claim, just trials. We feel we have very strong evidence of how it is being executed, by which aircraft and airlines, where the chemicals are produced, how they are being shipped into Europe and how they are being sprayed. We have, since becoming aware of this topic in April 2013, developed a very clear picture of the entire global distribution system, so we don’t feel it’s existence can even be questioned any more.

What we don’t know yet, is what effect it is having on our climate systems, human health and environment as a whole, both short and long-term, or why it is being carried out, and to what end. We do suspect that at least some of the substances being sprayed might be affecting our health in some way. Certainly pumping thick black smoke into the sky is not good for us, so that one is easy, but we can’t say too much about the other two at this stage until we have more evidence, so we still, reluctantly, shy away from using dramatic language such as ‘poisoning us’.

That said, has carried out laboratory tests on human tissue samples and the results showed clearly that all of the 26 participants tested positive to high levels of Barium, Strontium and Cadmium from hair and nail samples collected. It is fair to say that we should not have those substances in our bodies at all in an ideal world so such high levels of them in all of those tested is a clear indicator that something is going on, and when we consider that covert programs to spray substances into our skies is clearly happening then it is also fair to assume that SRM programs are the cause of those results. If other sources were responsible then we would see varied results from the participants. True that the study was small and localised – London – but it still gives very disturbing suggestion that we are all being contaminated equally with these substances. When we then look at the circumstancial evidence for Barium toxicity in the wider population the case is strengthened further.

This website does not focus on the medical aspects of SRM programs. We are concerned more with exposing the actual programs themselves in the hope of bringing the organisations and corporations involved into UK courts to stop them happening.

Ultimately, harmful or not, SRM simply should not be happening in our skies and needs to stop.

Our Message To You

The subject itself is large and complex but bringing an end to SRM in the UK is actually relatively simple so don’t be put off. All we need to do is get the airlines into UK courts and prosecute them.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the most serious challenge we have ever faced. How can we allow large private airlines to spray chemicals which are very likely harmful to us and our environment, into our atmosphere without the knowledge and consent of society as whole. How can we allow our government and regulatory bodies to ignore our questions and demands to end this abuse of power and interference in our air and weather.

Please… think about what you see int eh sky. Read as much as you can about it here and tell others. If you can help in any way please do. We are struggling to do everything that needs doing. If you can’t help out physically then please donate, it has taken many tens of thousands of pounds to get to where we are now, and we are very close to being able to mount a serious legal challenge to what is going on that may see it being halted.

Sunshine and clean air are fundamental to our lives, our health and our happiness. No private corporation has the right to block our sun or contaminate the air we breathe without our knowledge and consent.


The Look-Up Team


*we say technically because the issue is contentious. ENMOD relates to weather modification or climate engineering for aggressive purposes, but not for peaceful purposes. This is why banning it will be tricky if we try to claim it is illegal under the ENMOD treaty. This is not our area of expertise, so we are not entirely sure of the exact situation.

**Sulphuric Acid is the latest suggestion of Professor David Keith, often referred to as the Climate Engineering Tsar. He used to suggest Aluminium nano particles were the best thing for the job, but late last year we attended a pair of 1 hour lectures in late in 2013, in which he had suddenly changed his mind, and now advocates Sulphuric Acid.

Read more about David Keith and the links between Climate Engineering and the global corporations.