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We now publish all our latest information on our blog. The blog feeds Fakebook and Twitter automatically.




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Fakebook – as we now like to refer to it

The reason we reverted to this way of working was that people complained that they simply were not seeing anything we posted on Fakebook. Fakebook even admit now that they only allow us to reach about 16% of our followers, nurse but on really important things nobody saw them at all from what we could gather. We hired some clever people to analyse the behaviour and reach of our posts and they concluded that algorithmic restriction had been put in place to restrict the reach of our posts to just a few people, a small group of subscribers, and it was normally the same people every time. We also suspect some, if not all of those people are operatives who regularly like our material to ensure we think we were getting an audience, whereas almost nobody was seeing the material at all. So we decided to use our own blog instead as the primary portal, and feed others from there. We are currently setting up subscription to it directly, but the best way to get round all this for now is to check into our pages on whatever forum you prefer. If you do that you should, in theory, see everything we post.


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Ello is the new forum that everybody is flocking to. It is well designed, simple, ad-free and more importantly free from shills and trolls. It does not use any form of filtering as far as we are aware. The last we heard 35,000 people an hour were signing up. We have registered our name and will be launching our account on there very soon.

Ello is an incredible community of real and positive people. Please come and join us there, so we may one day be able to leave the nasty world of Fakebook behind us.