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Smoking Guns

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Look up discovered these pipes had been fitted to all Airbus A320 family craft belonging to the 3 airline alliances in September last year on one of our stake outs at Heathrow. Since then we have amassed a great deal of images from planes from many airlines. All feature what we describe as a 3-pipe aerosol delivery system.

This system is designed specifically to make a certain type of cloud. We termed this bobbly cloud or cotton wool cloud originally, as the primary component, which seems to be delivered from the lower pipe, is pumped out in short bursts somehow. This produces what is commonly known as the bracelet effect. The other 2 pipes produce more consistent trails. These 3 part chemtrails can be seen everywhere on a regular basis, and were, until very recently, the most common form in the UK.



Things have changed though, and we now see the majority of flights are hazers. Our explanation may be slightly simplistic when we have said that Boeings do the fibers, and Airbus make the clouds, but essentially that seems to e the case overal. That said we have seen the emergence of 3 new types of trails recently.


We expand on this in a separate page but the basics are as follows:

1. black trails – might be just a different colour but we suspect not.

Standard trail but black on some

Standard trail but black on some


2. Barbed wire trails – they are more like fibers than persistent. Short lived but very odd looking.

3. Combination trails. semi-persistent and narbed wire like but less barbed. Both sprayed from 4 engine aircraft.

[combi images


It is hard to know exactly what is going on with all these different types of trails, suffice to say to the newcomer that if what we were seeing is supposed to be moisture crystalising into ice, i suggest you go to Fecksavus and get an eye test because there is not possible way moisture could produce the elaborate array of trails, and at such low altitudes.

Condider also that