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How to block the sun – an easy recipe standardize Ingredients: 1 Big deep blue sky

depict 1 Fleet of Airbus A319/A320/321 depending on preference

metoclopramide uk inspect 400 tons of assorted hydroscopic compounds depending on preference

buy Lyrica online from mexico 1o or so European airports

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First load the chemicals airside onto the aircraft at European hub airports, being careful to seal all the high-pressure valves attached to the ULD containers so as to prevent any further embarrassing explosions..

Allow all the aircraft to depart within a short space of time so they all reach UK airspace at roughly the similar times. Ensure that all aircraft work in teams to cover as wide an area of sky as possible.,

Ensure any low-altitude flights broadcast false ADS-B data so as to not give the game away that the tails are fake. Ideal settings are 35,000 – 27,000ft.

Allow aircraft to criss-cross the sky in repeated patterns, being careful to switch off ADS-B when turning around while at sea, and most importantly, don’t forget to allocate a new flight number.

Allow cloud cover to build sufficiently before traveling in obvious formation.

Once the sky is totally white and the sun completely blocked, turn all nozzles to full and spray heavily for the rest of the day to ensure a nice even coverage.


The following images show how this should look if you do it properly. All images were taken within 3 hours on the same day in West London.


Job done.

Have a nice grey 🙂