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Davik Keith and Oliver Morten – UCL

This was the first public lecture we attended that was attended by David Keith. It gave us te first clues as to the nature of the subterfuge that is occurring. We will attempt to write it up as soon s we have time, but the glaring consistency seem to be the inability and unwillingness to answer tricky questions, to the point that meeting can be wrapped up early to avoid them. This is during a lecture about what could be called the most important topic ever… the intervention by a small select group of scientists backed by major corporate money, to interfere in our atmosphere on the grounds of tenuous claims and tenuous science backing up the science of what they intend to do.



One quick note – David Keith starts by stating he wants to spray Sulphuric acid. Until that point all the literature and lectures he had done had Aluminium nano-particles as the material to pump into the atmosphere. Soe of us picked up on this and question him about it during the Q&A at the end.

That alone should cast serious doubt on this entire operation.

We look forward to hearing what other people have to say in Berlin.