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Daily time-lapse films of London skies

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Daily time-lapse films of London skies

We have decided to up the ante and film and release daily time-lapse films of the skies over London.

Time lapse serves as a great way of forcing doubters to accept the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. It is almost impossible to ignore time-lapse footage. Even the most hardened of sceptics or those who are simply too scared or lack sufficient reasoning skills shall we say to understand printed articles on this subject seem to get it. Clear, real-time images of our skies being filled with expanding trails from planes almost every day. You can argue with them until you are blue in the face about the facts but they will invent all sorts of nonsense to try to avoid having to accept it, but show them a few of these films and they go very quiet.

See our new Vimeo channel here.


Black is the new black
How Carbon Black melts ice and causes warming

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Black is the new blackHow Carbon Black melts ice and causes warming

A newly discovered research paper from 1974 confirms what is going on behind the black trails we reported on in 2014. Weather Modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy not only explains the science in detail, but even states that this technology can be used to melt frozen landmass. We now have a complete picture backed up with solid evidence to show that the Arctic is being deliberate and systematically melted, probably for both political and commercial reasons.

Read the full article here.


CE cause of Climate Change not the solution

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CE cause of Climate Change not the solution

A recent study concluded that Climate Engineering would not stop atmospheric warming but simply change patterns of precipitation, increase ocean acidification and change ocean current patters. Now forgive us for stating the obvious but does that sound familiar to anyone?

More and more studies are finding that the effects of Climate Engineering would produce exactly the same conditions that we are currently experiencing around the world.

Read more here.


Incontravertible proof

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Incontravertible proof

This short film is yet more incontrovertible proof that the spraying we see in our skies is not natural condensation.. Sadly many will still try to deny this and think of a suitable explanation so as not to have to confront this situation.

Please show this to any Climate Engineering deniers you may know.

Watch the film here.





No hard evidence?

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During a lecture at what looks like Cambridge University CERN particle physicist Jasper Kirkby openly discusses the ongoing use of manufactured aerosols sprayed from aircraft to create clouds.

“There’s plenty of evidence that large regions of the climate are lacking sufficient aerosols to form clouds. Contrails are a well known example of that. There are not smoke trails these are clouds which are seeded by jets dumping aerosols into the upper atmosphere”

“This is a non natural condition, this is where we generate several hundred % super-saturation”

Read more here.


Climate Engineering blog

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Climate Engineering blog

Just to remind all that a blog run by the Kiel Earth Institute lists research and events related to the burgeoning Climate Engineering industry. Calendar aside it is also a great place to point sceptics who say that this is just a theory. Hundreds of scientists around the world are involved in researching this so theory it is definitely not. The only debate that can reasonably be had is whether or not it is happening already and at what level. Obviously we feel it is and on a global level.

Visit the blog here.


Never wake a sleepwalker they say

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As people stroll along on warm days thinking it is sunny the reality above their heads – a near white-out caused by expanding, induced, contrails – is invisible to them until you stop them and point it out. Try this little experiment and see what happens.

Read more here.


Climatism – Where the real science is reported

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Climatism – Where the real science is reported

This forum is about Climate Engineering. Climate Engineering is essentially a Poli-Comm movement that wants to spray chemicals into our skies, block our sunshine and thereby contaminate our air. We do not have the knowledge and time to delve deeply into the Global Warming – re-branded Climate Change – Hoax, so we like to point you to other sources that deal with the topic far better than we ever could. It is crucial for us that our readers understand the hoax, because if one realises the reason for doing something terrible is a lie, then that something becomes invalid.


Climatism slice

It also alerts our readers to the fact that there is a mass of information presented on many forums such as this that is never reported in the mainstream press, which is further evidence that the entire GW/CC bandwagon is a sham being fostered by a global alliance of media, corrupt science and big business.

Visit the website: Climatism


Finally others notice that Induced cumulus only form over land

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We would like to say that our article titled Induced Cumulus has inspired others to question what they see. We can’t claim a direct link to this post by Tim Peake on the International Space Station, but we can rejoice in the fact that people are now questioning this phenomena.


Read more here.