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Media blackout on Solar Radiation Management

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Media blackout on Solar Radiation Management

This morning we tried again to get onto LBC to speak with London Mayor, Sadiq Khan. This is the 4th attempt this year to reach him on LBC to ask why aviation is completely excluded from the discussions on air quality in London. Once again were thwarted. Previous attempts have resulted in us simply not being put through, but this time they just hung up and did not call back. We have also been cut short and disrupted many times on other shows when attempting to broach this subject.

Clearly they do not want this information in the public domain.

LBC is a great way to get this topic on air when discussions center on air quality so please call in and mention SRM as often as you can. We are known to them so they try to block calls on SRM, but if you are not a regular caller you will get through. Don’t mention SRM to the researcher, just slip it in once on air.

0345 60 60 973


Our time-lapse skies Vimeo channel

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TL Channel image 19.01.17

If you are in any doubt as to what is going on then don’t forget to watch our daily time-lapse films of skies over West London. They show that the air we breathe is a soup of stuff that is being released by aircraft as they fly out of their way to pass very low over London every day. While Sadiq Khan tries to ban diesel vehicles from London’s streets, he refuses to answer our emails or calls to ask why he is not talking about aviation’s contribution to the ‘toxic smogs’.

If you think that is just an oversight by him then think again.

Visit one of our 2 Vimeo Channels here.


SRM mentioned on LBC

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SRM mentioned on LBC

Solar Radiation Management was mentioned today on LBC on the Shelagh Fogerty show. Well done to Nadia from Pimlico for mentioning it. The presenter became audibly agitated and cut the call pretty sharpish, but job done. Please do this as much as you can. LBC is listened to by hundred of thousands of people during the day and is a great way to get the word out there. On that note, we have tried repeatedly to get on and speak about why Sadiq Khan is refusing to acknowledge the massive contribution from aviation to the smogs in London. but LBC will not take our calls on this subject.


Time lapse is the best way to convince sceptics

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Time lapse is the best way to convince sceptics

We can point at the sky until the planes fly home, and some people just wont listen. Show them a time-lapse film of a blue sky being decimated by ‘stuff’ that come out of the back of commercial passenger jets, and then another and another until they realise this is our weather EVERY day – made by aircraft – and they soon start to listen.

We now invest a lot of time and money recording the skies over West London (almost) every day so that nobody can deny this has been happening. The camera never lies.

Visit our Time Lapse Skies Vimeo Channel here.


False ADS-B altitude data being broadcast

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False ADS-B altitude data being broadcast

We have reported flights passing over london very low while broadcasting false ADS-B altitude data to the CAA but have so far been stonewalled. 2017 is the year when we be relentless in our reporting of this behaviour to the organisations that are supposed to regulate aviation and protect us, so as to make it impossible for them to ignore this any longer.

Read the full article here.


Happy 2017 ?

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Lufthansa flights are regularly routed out of their way to pass over London. They fly very low – under 20,000ft – while broadcasting false altitude information.  So, Sadiq Khan… Does the low emissions zone extend up to 40,000ft?


IASS announces CE17 conference dates

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IASS announces CE17 conference dates

In 2014 the world’s climate scientists convened in Berlin for the first global discussion on Climate Engineering. We were there but did not record or publish anything significant from that event. In 2015 we attended the Climate Engineering Research Symposium, also in Berlin, and produced this documentary.

Next October the 2nd global Climate Engineering Conference will be held in Potsdam once again, from 9th-12th October 2017. We will be there with a full production crew this time to repeat the success of our first documentary. is the only organisation documenting these events from a sceptical standpoint. We have gained respect in the CE community for our work and professional stance, and so we hope to expand on our efforts to date by documenting this event and the global move towards engineering our climate.

Read about the event here.


First CE aircraft design

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First CE aircraft design

There is no technology that has been developed that has never been used.”

David Morrow speaking about the Slippery Slope principle at the Berlin Climate Engineering Research Symposium in 2015. With this in mind we should all be concerned about an article published on the TU Delft website which shows that despite the increasing scepticism about Global Warming and its re-branded name Climate Change, the core groups of pro-SRM hardliners are full steam ahead developing aircraft that will spray Sulphuric Acid (ref: David Keith 2016) into the upper atmosphere so as to reduce solar radiation at ground level. The insanity continues unabated.

Read the report here.


Rosalind Peterson addresses UN on current Climate Engineering programs

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Rosalind Peterson at the UN discussing the possible harmful effects of current Solar Radiation Management programs on agriculture and the environment in general. She also discusses the effect of reducing the efficiency of solar power. If one accepts that the airlines being used in these programs are backed by oil-producing nations then it seems clear that reducing the potential of solar power may be a deliberate and desired effect. As always, follow the money.